Why Sarah Palin scares them

Some media commentary on Sarah Palin continues to amuse me quite a bit.

There are those who love to talk about how irrelevant she is — usually in the midst of a lengthy blog post or column that obsesses about something Palin recently said or tweeted.

There are those who continue to distort her record, despite the surplus her policies afforded Alaska and a list of accomplishments that includes substantial spending reductions, incentivizing and expanding drilling for oil and natural gas, investing in state savings, and a commitment to transparency, ethics reform, and tackling corruption.

And there are an array of “tell-all” books soon to come out that will attempt to discredit both her character and her record. They will try their hardest to reinforce pre-existing media-fed hype about who Palin is, what kind of a leader she was as governor, and what kind of a leader she could be for America. Some of the authors are ideologically driven. Others are driven by the hope that having the words “Sarah Palin” in their books’ titles will put money in their pockets.

Palin’s plans with respect to a 2012 presidential run remain to be seen, but rest assured that plenty of haters are already working overtime to distort and deceive. Their hope is to tarnish the attributes Palin appears to possess that have resonated with so many Americans — a down-to-earth authenticity, an expertise with respect to energy issues, an unshakeable faith in God and an equally strong commitment to her family, as well as a genuine concern for the struggles of regular, hard-working Americans, to name just a few.

Some Palin-haters will twist and turn the truth in an effort to promote and solidify the caricature of Palin that so many on the left, in the GOP establishment, and in the media elite have worked so hard to perfect. Others will continue to ignore her written and spoken commentary on matters of supreme national and international importance, opting instead to cling to any word or phrase she utters that can somehow be generated into a traffic-grabbing — and image-busting — headline.

And as many of us have come to learn, there’s a separate set of rules for Sarah Palin. If she ignores deceptive attacks against her, her family, or her record, some will say she’s weak or guilty as charged. If she responds to the attacks, they will insist she’s thin-skinned or playing the victim. You know the drill.

But the passion on the part of some to try to tear her down is like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime. I don’t always catch a glimpse of the woman who scares the daylights out of them. But every now and then I do.

I caught it during my telephone interview with her in November. She was bold, but approachable, completely unapologetic about her principles, and spontaneous in her responses. Despite her success with respect to 2010 candidate endorsements and otherwise, she was decidedly humble and unwilling to take credit for so many of the victories she played an enormous part in. That humility, coupled with a refusal to spew preset talking points, must be awfully unnerving to those who are pre-programmed to say this or that and/or are driven by a “me, myself, and I” mindset.

  • danno415

    Do me a favor, dumbasses. Look up “Straw Man Argument” in the dictionary. It means creating a false opponent that is easy to win against. Y’all are kings and queens of the straw man argument, because you imagine that somewhere, there are lefties who are terrified of Sarah Palin running for president. Let me tell you something: NOBODY is the least bit worried that Sarah Palin would do anything in the Presidential election, NOBODY. I think the general feeling is that she is a joke, and that people are borderline offended that such a simpleton would be considered a legitimate candidate, but that’s all. I personally hope she does run, so that we can all see for ourselves exactly how much popular support she really has. I’m guessing it will be about as much as Fred Thompson or Ron Paul, that is, marginal support at best.

    • WeDemandFreedom

      Hilarious! “Dumbasses”, “Simpleton”… The contempt and misogyny just flows out of the corner of this drooling Neanderthal’s mouth. Anybody who has to prop up his own fragile psyche with these types of personal attacks on someone he doesn’t even know should be marginalized. As I’m sure he is every day in his personal life. The fact is that Sarah Palin or SOMEONE is coming to retrieve this Country from the brink of collapse to which democrats, liberals, regressives and other morons have brought it. SOMEONE has to fix what you idiots have screwed up. So if Sarah Palin becomes President, look in a mirror, moron – YOU’RE TO BLAME.

      • Gridmark

        Just like Obama becoming president after a disastrous Bush presidency. Like Bush saying “stay the course” and he ran both the country and two wars into the ground. Yeah, it was eight years of crap from Bush.

  • Snidely70448

    I would love to see Sarah get into the race. The Left would immediately begin frothing at the mouth, along with the Republican Establishment – remember, it was the Alaskan Republicans she defeated to become governor, not a Democrat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Conor-McCartney/16802823 Conor McCartney

    She’s not like other politicians. Like you Jedediah, she has gotten really far in life being pretty.


    • russ311

      I bet your bigtime into Apache Dance, smacking your lady and flinging her down onto and across the floor?

    • Science Rocks

      um, Jedediah graduated valedictorian from her high school and then went on to graduate from Columbia. Clearly, the woman works hard, is smart and has plenty of common sense. Those qualities might have helped her out instead, what do you think Conor?

      Sexist __________.

  • Supernatural Witness

    I would not agree that she does not use talking points. She spews them in typical political fashion. However, that said, if she got into the race a dull season with no interest on the Conservative side would suddenly gain the flames of passionate activity and enthusiasm.

  • donkeysnake

    Anybody else notice that after the really mean-spirited blog about Trigg, the media has been giving her more breathing room? A shame it took that to inject some civility into the conversation.

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    New presidential campaign ad for 2012 has liberal heads exploding.

    PALIN-BACHMANN PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE 2012… a heck of a power on the side of the people…isn’t it?


    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

    • Oakden

      How about, for starters, you learn where the caps lock key is, moron.

  • truebearing

    Jedediah Bilah hit the bullseye with this post, and as if to mindlessly prove her point, every feeble-minded fool in the leftist troll brigade is on this thread, dutifully trashing Palin with the same worn out lies they always use. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and in this case the pudding is between the ears of the leftist trolls. Talk about a bunch of mental midgets.

    The mere mention of Palin’s name in a blog post will set off the alarms at Media Matters, Thing Progress, the Daily Kos, and the other precincts of the evil left. The moral mutants come a-runnin’ when Demoncrat Central bangs the Gong of the Useful Idiot, urgently calling out an all-hands-on-deck for a Palin siting.

    The one thing I can’t figure out is are these dummies the best the left has, or are they all this stupid, dishonest, and ineffective?

    • jackphat

      Yes, this is the best of the left, stupid, dishonest and ineffective.

    • Gridmark
      • ladylove

        now there is proof, if ever there was any.

        many idiots write books, including William Ayers, and supposedly Obama.

        so what is your point.

        one of the great hallmarks of this GREAT NATION, is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, well unless Obama has his way.

        • Gridmark

          It means that wingnuts don’t have any answers. They cannot answer in a pragmatic way. They go by ideology alone and that does not work.

          • ladylove

            yes and Obama is living proof.