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Remember when I said Donald Trump will never be president?

I said so at least a couple of times. It’s always seemed like a safe assumption, and yet a few people kept telling me not to count him out. He could still surprise us. Still figure out a way. Hell, it’s in his very name.

Well, no.

It was fun while it lasted, but after weeks and weeks of Donald Trump playing a game of maybe-maybe-not, the TV star and business mogul has said he will not run for president.

“After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the Presidency,” said Trump in a press release.

It was certainly entertaining, and he irritated the hell out of all the right people, but now it’s over. Obama wasn’t born in Kenya, Bin Laden is dead, Bush didn’t do 9/11, and it’s time to get serious about who’s going to run in 2012.

Well, maybe tomorrow.

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  • rvail136

    Three weeks ago, I heard from a friend who works for The Donald. Here’s my post on it:


    I’m not often right, but every now and then, I do get a good tip

    Rich Vail
    Pikesville, MD
    The Vail Spot dot Blogspot dot Com

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  • Alaskan

    Even if said Rapture would take place, I would still vote for a sock-puppet over “The Donald.” The sock-puppet would no doubt survive the rapture because of their uncanny ability to hide in the dryer.

    • Alaskan

      Also I denounce partymanrandy as a racist whose racism clearly upset me so much that I made my reply at the top level rather than as a reply to him.

      • slightlyaboveaverage

        And I denounce your denunciation of PMR based upon your clearly socksist views regarding Puppet-Americans.

        • Alaskan

          Wouldn’t it be my “sockist” views rather than my “socksist” views? After all, PMR clearly has racist views rather than racesist views. (Although he probably has both.)

          So I denounce you for your clearly progressive adherence to pluralism.

      • stoopdavydave

        Good for you! It’s beneath you anyway to speak to that racismy racist racerizer. Him and all his ilk! He (and all they) should be shunned. SHUNNED! You might catch racism or racesism cooties. Now that I think about it, the cooties themselves might be racist!
        And if so, I’m against that!

  • partymanrandy

    I think you’re overly confident in your prediction. Obviously you haven’t considered that the Rapture could take place and that Trump would be the only political or pseudo-political figure that wasn’t taken in the rapture. And then the events of the rapture caused Trump to examine his life and stop being such an obnoxious blowhard and finally get rid of that ridiculous “hair”. In this scenario, I think he’d have an outside shot with an Independent bid.