Mark Levin: ‘Racism abounds over there at MSNBC and NBC’

Keeping track of what NBC News and the cable arm of that operation MSNBC deems as a so-called racist dog whistle these days is quite a difficult task. The latest charge from that operation has been directed at GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich for pointing out how the number of people receiving food stamps under President Barack Obama has gone up.

However, perhaps it’s time to take a look at those network’s track records as they pertain to race according to conservative talker Mark Levin. On his Monday show, Levin went through each network’s line-ups and pointed out that much of it is white and lacks that diversity.

“Let’s go play their game a little bit,” Levin said. “Let’s go look at NBC News. A very, very white guy is in charge of the company that owns NBC News. NBC News is run by very, very white guys. ‘Meet the Press’ has only had white guys in the anchor chair. ‘NBC Nightly News’ – a white guy. Let’s look at their bastard off-child, MSLSD: Chris Matthews – the whitest of the white guys, Joe Scarborough – white, Ed Schultz – fat and white, Larry O’Donnell – mental patient and white, Rachel, what is her name anyway, Maddow – white. It’s so white over there I’m blinded.”

That prompted Levin to suggest perhaps a government agency should check on the network’s hiring practices since they don’t reflect such a balance.

“Isn’t it great they’re standing up for minorities over there?” Levin said. “Where’s the EEOC? Oh yes, the EEOC. Why don’t they investigate the on-air talent, take a look at their statistics as they’re on to do. Are 12, 13, 14 percent of the on-air talent black? No. How about Hispanic? No. Why not? Why not, David Gregory? Why not give up your post, David Gregory to somebody of color? Racism abounds over there at MSNBC and NBC. I suppose, right? Just look at it. Blindingly white.”


Levin also noted the premise of Gregory’s question had prejudice qualities, since it associated black people with food stamps.

“[A]pparently now it is the official position of ‘Meet the Press’ that if you’re on food stamps you’re black,” Levin said. “I just wanted to clarify that point because otherwise that question makes no sense. Or, a majority of the people are on food stamps are black, which is not true. And yet that is the inference. Well, why would Mr. Gregory make that inference? Sure he’s not prejudice? Why would he do that?”

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  • Platinumputter

    You’re right about white folks voting for Obama as the reason he got elected. But most folks don’t connect the dots as to the percentage of blacks who voted for a black guy for president. The percentage of blacks voting for a black candidate in the 2008 presidential election was 96%. (How Obama Won: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1108/15297.html)

    Or, to put it another way, 96% of blacks voted against the white candidate. Now there is no doubt in my mind that if 96% of us white folks voted for the white candidate, that the liberal media would be all over that little nugget of information and call the election a racist election. But wasn’t it a racist election for people of color?

  • HMundane

    Very interesting comments. It’s also interesting how many people swear they’re not racist, even the most intelligent of people sometimes can’t see their own prejudices. This novel, I just read, My Beautiful Racist, illustrated it perfectly. https://mybeautifulracist.wordpress.com/

  • bflat879

    Who do these morons think elected Barack Obama President, black people? Hispanic People? Yes, he got a huge percentage of their votes but, if it wasn’t for White people, he wouldn’t be President today.

    So, now all of those White people, who voted for him but disagree with his policies, all of a sudden became racists. Well, if they’re going to call you a racist, even after you voted for him, why not just vote for someone else and be called a racist. At least you can disagree with a White guys policies and not be called a racist.

  • captaingrumpy

    I personally think the biggest racist is the president.

  • leilani

    Levin’s absolutely right that the entire food stamps exchange only proved that it’s David Gregory himself who is hostage to his own astoundingly overt (and embarrassingly ignorant!)racial prejudices.

    Why on earth would Gregory instantly & reflexively make that automatic association, since, as Levin points out, A-A’s don’t even constitute the majority of FS recipients? Good grief!

    At this point, it’s impossible to ignore that it’s only the infamous racial paternalists who rule the homogeneously pale-faced roost at the NBC networks who are actively promoting every bigot’s favorite phony myths about black people.

    So now we have Exhibit No. 67857 that white progressives in the United States are the most racist people on the planet – as if the world needed any more convincing.

  • agtw31

    turn the news off,and the radio,too

    all they do is tell youn stuff you already heard

  • agtw31

    quit watching cable news,and listening to idiots like mark levin on the radio

    they all do nothing but tell you what you want to hear.

    • BigRmv

      Why is it anytime the hypocrisy of the Left is pointed out, the Left says, “Shut up!” or “Don’t let them have radio shows” etc?

      Don’t like the argument made? Counter it with something other than “nuh uh!”

    • tekovuhoser

      What specifically are your referring to when calling him an “idiot?”