Princess Beatrice’s hat on eBay

LONDON (AP) — Online auctioneer eBay says that bids for one of the wackiest pieces of royal wedding headgear have approached 18,400 pounds ($30,000.)

Princess Beatrice’s massive, ring-and-bow-shaped hat, turned heads at the wedding of her cousin Prince William last month and has since become an Internet sensation.

Full story: Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat at $30K

  • Callie369

    Mixed reviews? I’ve seen hundreds of comments from both sides of the “pond” and not a single one was complimentary! The only thing that hat is good for is setting on a fence to be used for target practice.

    The hat is almost as big an embarassment as the two sisters and their momma is! Lordy but those girls are homely.

    • jjsmithers

      Oh, they’re mixed, alright. Half hated it, and the other half really, really hated it.

  • FromMissouri2

    It is currently at 32K+ and the money goes to charity so it obviously is a wonderful thing BUT it really proves that there are TONS of people out there with WAY MORE money then brains…..