Matt Lewis

Liberals playing ‘operation chaos’ in 2012 GOP field?

President Obama famously nominated Jon Huntsman as U.S. Ambassador to China (presumably to get him out of the way) — and complimented Mitt Romney’s health care plan (presumably to politically harm Romney).

Now, a liberal group is praising Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels — presumably in order to “strangle the baby in the crib,” so to speak.

As The Hill reports, a liberal group called,

Protect Your Care launched online ads in Iowa and New Hampshire — two states key to winning the GOP nomination — and Washington, D.C. casting Daniels as divorced from the Tea Party when it comes to healthcare, and as another Republican who, like Romney, crafted a healthcare law similar to Obama’s.

“Governor Daniels could be another welcome adult voice in the health care policy debate.  While Governor Daniels has certainly used a lot of the ‘correct’ language for the far right, when push comes to shove on actual policy, his administration in Indiana has been pretty good at helping to implement the Affordable Care Act,” said Eddie Vale, a spokesman for the group. “Daniels assistance in implementing the Affordable Care Act is especially welcome when contrasted with the actions of Governors Perry, Scott and Jindal to block it at behest of the Tea Party.”

The obvious conclusion here is that President Obama and his allies are employing psychological warfare in order to  eliminate the most electable (read “moderate”) Republicans from the field. (This seems odd to me, inasmuch as recent history seems to prove that moderate Republicans tend to fare worsethan conservatives in general elections.)

It is unclear to me whether they are sincerely trying to eliminate opposition they perceive to be most electable — or if they are using reverse psychology in order to dupe Republicans into backing moderates — just to spite them…

  • reagantman

    Matt Lewis gets it right on the mainstream media. Remember the baby they tried to kill in the crib in 2008? Yup, Sarah Palin. They thought they had her. In fact she was down and out when she went back to Alaska. But that baby’s all grown up now and ready to take down those who tried to strangle her. They must be looking at each other going “I thought she was politically dead?” Look again.

    They couldn’t “kill” her and now they will live to regret it.

  • callenlaw

    “Recent history seems to prove that moderate Republicans tend to fare worse than conservatives in general elections.” I’m confused by this statement. If it said “primary elections,” that I could understand (Angle in NV, O’Donnell in DE, Lee in UT), but I’m trying to think of recent examples in which a Moderate Republican, having survived a primary, lost badly to a Democrat.

    • Ryan.Iowa

      Let’s see there’s Gerald Ford in 1976, George H. W. Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, and John McCain in 2008. At the time in those elections, they weren’t considered the conservative candidate in the field. Ford and Bush were challenged from the right in the primaries, and Dole and McCain became the party’s nominees not because of the conservatism, but because they survived the longest. Before 1972, the conservatives and liberals weren’t aligned politically they way they do now; its was entirely different political model before then.

  • Ryan.Iowa

    Given that conservatives are the single largest ideological group(, Liberal groups are doing conservatives candidates a leg up. Also, meddling around in the Republicans nominating process will only heighten the intensity gap which is sure to emerge in the favor of the Republican candidate in the fall of 2012. Liberal groups don’t realize what they’re doing; its the equivalent of throwing rocks at a hornet’s nest.