Poll shows Corwin leading in N.Y. special election

Republican Jane Corwin leads among registered voters in New York’s 26th district special election, according to a poll released Friday by the Rochester Business Journal.

In what has turned out to be a surprisingly tight race, Corwin leads in the RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll, getting 48 percent of the vote from registered voters, while her Democratic opponent Kathy Hochul gets 36 percent. Tea Party candidate Jack Davis comes in with only 13 percent.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 620 readers between May 16 and May 17. Of that sample, only 35 percent said they were registered to vote in the 26th district.

Among all respondents, not just those who are registered voters in the 26th district, the race is much tighter. Forty-five percent said they favored Corwin, while 41 percent said they favored Hochul, suggesting that get-out-the-vote efforts will be very important for both parties.

Corwin is the clear favorite among Republicans, garnering 76 percent of the vote compared to Davis’ 12 percent. Hochul is the favorite among Democrats, but also among non-affiliated or ‘other’ voters, where she leads Corwin 46 percent to 37 percent.

The poll suggests that the race continues to remain tight as election day approaches, but it should be noted that the poll has a relatively small sample size, and that just over a third of that sample said they were registered voters.

  • steveeyes

    “Of that sample, only 35 percent said they were registered to vote in the 26th district.”


    Man, either a Republican corporation or the Koch brothers must of done that poll. What a sham.

    The new Republican’s Litmus test is Paul Ryan’s voucher system that kills medicare. If you don’t vote for or approve it, you are out of the Republican party (right Newt).

    I can see it now. A 80 year old is given $8000 dollars and is told to go fight with the profit to care insurance companies for coverage. Heck, even at 40 years old insurance companies are tough — profit over care is their ongoing platform. Good luck Seniors — you my as well use the $8000 for funeral cost because no insurance company is going to cover you for $8000. Even if they took your money, you got sick, you would hear the stand Insurance company motto “sorry, your voucher program does not cover that illness”. Meanwhile, your $8000 becomes part of a million dollar bonus for an Insurance CEO.

    But even if I agreed that something needs to be done with medicare, the hypocrisy of Paul Ryan’s budget giving millionaires and billions dollar corporations PERMANENT tax cuts that are even lower than Bush tax rates, smells like “middle class we need to cut your entitlements while giving more to the rich” program. Hmmm, I guess share sacrifice is not in Paul Ryan’s budget.

    I do know one thing, Paul Ryan and the rest of Congress won’t be on his Voucher Program when they are seniors. They will be living off the tax payers dime, including the best medical coverage for them and their families that our government can provide.

    Banana Republic, here we come!

    • dajake

      If Ryan’s plan (premium support plan) is good enough for government employees & members of congress it’s good enough for seniors.

      • 7prayers

        The Ryan voucher plan to replace Medicare is not the exact same plan the congress is on- that is what Obama would like to have happen. No Ryan’s plan is that individuals apply – on their own- to which ever insurance plan they desire- you can choose $10,000 deductable, or say $500 deductable on medicines, etc- there are literally 10 plan per insurance company, and 10 or more insurance companies to choose from. Here is the real downside to this. You have to apply for an individual plan- fill out an application and get accepted. If you have any pre-existing conditions, ever had cancer, heart, lung, stomach, kidnesy, liver, etc problems- you are declined and get no insurance. if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are over weight, have smoked cigerettes in the last 10 years, have been treated for depression or alcoholism, or are a member of AA- well a yes to these questions will also likely get you a No insurance vote from all companies. The problem with individual policies is that those who apply must be healthy or they are turned down. Group policies- like you probably have at work- well the insurance company is required to take everyone regardless of health. The republican are trying to repeal the Affordable health care act- which creates group policies for individuals to join, the act (also known as Obamacare) also prohibits insurance companies from turning you down, or for charging you more because you are or have been sick, or from throwing you off the policy because you became sick (which currently all insurance can and do – throw people off once they have breast cancer, heart surgeries, etc.)- I know this happened to two of my friends. You can read the article on the internet. If you want to see the questions an insurance company will ask you- go on line and put in fake info- or real- either way and apply for individual insurance. It is estimated that over 50% of seniors will not qualify. Once turned down, medicare is the only option, no insurance company will accept you once you have been turned down (well unless Obamacare is not repealed). The other problem with the voucher system – Ryan’s plan will pay $8000 to the insurance company. The average price for a retiree age 60 (at 65 this cost will be much higher) is $655/month currently. Each year 15% is added to that cost. You do the math, $655 x 15%, add that on, then next year take the $753 and multipy again by 15%, and year after year. The cost by age 70 is $2003/month or $24036/year. So Ryan says they will increase the amount of the voucher by 3%- you got that- every year you go 12% more in debt per month. Eventually only the very rich can afford this insurance plan, if they were healthy enough to be accepted in the first place. We need to chance medical costs in this country. Changing systems doesn’t change the problem- high medical costs. If nothing is done to address the cost of medical care, eventually even the young won’t be able to afford the cost of insurance. Please go on line- read Ryan’s plan for individual (not group) insurance, then go on line and apply for individual insurance and see if you qualify with todays health. Then ask you parents to answer the same questions, and see if they would get insurance. The more you ask, the more you know, Ryan’s voucher system would break seniors backs, or leave them completely with no coverage.

  • BigErnM

    “Of that sample, only 35 percent said they were registered to vote in the 26th district.”

    That’s the only line in this article you need to read to know that this poll is absolutely useless.

  • jar59

    Even the dumbest of registered voters should be able to eventually figure out that Davis is nothing but a Democrat plant.