Herman Cain’s releases web video of campaign announcement, channels Martin Luther King

Images don’t lie, so according to Herman Cain’s new video, he’s more than just a wildcard presidential candidate — he’s also a big crowd-pleaser.

Coming off the Saturday rally in which he officially declared his intent to run for the Republican presidential nominee,  Cain blasted out a video recap of the event that showed a swelling crowd of supporters at his Atlanta, Ga., event.

The video certainly offers visual evidence that Cain, while sometimes slim on policy, is gaining momentum in the public eye. In a cut suit and sporting a mic headset, Cain appears before the crowd like a motivational speaker though his invocation of Martin Luther King Jr. also gives him the aura of a mega church pastor.

“The day after the election day, when we wake up and they declare the presidential results and Herman Cain is in the White House,” cheers to the crows,”we’ll all be able to say free at least, free at last, thank God of almighty, this nation is free at last, again!”

The video comes out the same day Cain received tepid comments from Republican stalwart Karl Rove.

“Everybody’s going to get excited about a great speech by Herman Cain,” Rove on FOX. “But at some point, he’s going to say — need to convince people that, ‘I’ve got something in my background that gives you confidence I can actually do these things I’m talking about.’”

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  • DDMN

    The real rope a dope.Remember that method of combating the “Med Fly” where flies that were exposed to radiation were released at peak mating periods? Bzzz,bzzz…zzzzt,zzt..zt

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Clark/1785223171 Jasmine Clark

    omg why is his name a SONG at the end. lol

    anyway i love all these white people going for a black man. have fun trying to use the race card now, libs!

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      Sadly, they will do just that. The left will denigrate Cain as if the only thing he’s popular for is being a black ‘token’ conservative.

      Since the left isn’t burdened by facts and since those who declare racism at every opponent require no proof or validity to their claims… they can and will toss the race card at anyone and anything they don’t like.

      The left IS racist for the hypocrisy, the paternalistic portrayal of non-whites, and for using racial lines for political gain.

      The left is all about skin color… and that is just one reason they are a disgrace.

    • souksph

      Sorry Jasmine, but it seems as though you just learned how evil and hideous the liberals and the liberal media can be. You will see Woopie Goldberg, Bill Maher, and the MSNBC turds use the race card, people will die, republican will go to war (even though most wars were started under a Democratic president), people will be broke blah blah constant lies. And Liberals will always believe anything a democrat politician tells them. They are no ordinary party, they are masterminds.

  • Road2FREEDOM

    We need to move our party into a fundamentally new direction. I’m announcing today to draft ALAN KEYES to enter the race. He’s the only viable candidate that can truly represent the conservative voice. This man had the AUDACITY to petition the SCOTUS to challenge Hussein’s constitutional eligibility as a president (see Keyes v. Bowen).

    Our moment for CHANGE has come. WE THE PEOPLE need to send Hussein back to Swaziland.

    James Madison’s quote, later incorporated in the Federalist Papers (art. 26) underscores the fierce urgency of now:

    “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy”

    Please join me on this road to freedom!

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      Since you copied my screen name, down to the caps at the end, I guess I’m not surprised you are only capable of ‘copy and paste’ for your comments. At least you try to be clever… your fellow trolls are just sad.

      Gotta admit, though… creepy to copy a screen name. Flattered you’d target me, though. shucks.

      Are you a maternal basement dweller for life? I sense a great deal of listless free time on your hands.

  • NeoKong

    Nice crowd.

  • builtrich

    Who ascended the mountain of the gods and declared Karl Rove “Republican stalwart”? Don’t believe this crap. Rove was the adviser to the President who had Ted Kennedy write an education bill, dug the Medicare hole deeper with more spending, and did nothing that I can think of to strengthen states rights and promote the 10th amendment.

    “Republican stalwart”, my ass!

    If there is a Republican stalwart (no double quotes), IT IS HERMAN CAIN!!!!

    Cain scares the Republican establishment as much as excites the lovers of liberty.

    • daver18

      You couldn’t have said it better!

    • builtrich

      Oh…I forgot another “Republican” blessing on the American people from “Stalwart” Rove’s boss…The Department of Homeland Security. An inside-the-beltway answer to terrorism–a bloated, worthless bureaucracy that does more harm than good. Don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, what comes from Homeland Security, yes indeed…the TSA!!!!

      Seriously, aren’t you tired of watching your wives and children in airport “security” lines being groped by lackeys of the state, while McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, McCain, et al do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

      Washington DC needs someone to come in and upset the system…I believe Herman Cain is that someone.

  • old man

    Mr.Cain is the real deal. I will laugh at all the established commentators when Mr. Cain is in the finals of the primary’s. They have picked their favorites already, all the old GOP has been. Its time for all of us to start supporting the candidate we want and not listen to the Carl Rove’s.