Report: Biden considering 2016 run for president

Vice President Joe Biden is already floating the idea with Democratic donors of running for president in 2016, according to one report.

He broached the subject May 19 at a Cincinnati last week, a source told Politico.com.

That source said Biden brought the subject up himself but told donors he wasn’t sure if he would run.

The story also listed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Virginia Senator Mark Warner as Democrats who would also plausibly would consider a run.

Elizabeth Alexander, a spokeswoman for Biden, declined a request to comment from The Daily Caller.

It would hardly be Biden’s first shot at the presidency. He ran in 2008 before being chosen by President Obama to run as vice president. Biden also ran in 1988.

  • Carmine Bianchi

    Biden Cuomo 2016 “its a big freakin deal” !!!

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  • Realist4U

    Go away Joe, noone wants to hear it.

  • Texasron

    Cuba could use someone of your values.

  • coachpan

    Must be a joke! Right? If this idiot and his boy Obama are re-elected in 2012 there will be no country by 2016.

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  • kaj

    Ya know… he might pull an Arlen Specter and just up and change parties cause ain’t nobody gonna take away HIS seat. Being high on the totem pole is god-given position.

  • jeffincos

    I would love to see him run again to hear what he would say next. The administration clearly has him stay away from microphones so he doesn’t say something they would regret.

    Joe is sound bite gold!