White House adds media position to combat unfavorable stories

The White House is stepping up its rapid response media operation, creating a communications position to respond to unfavorable stories on the Web, the Huffington Post reports.

HuffPo’s Sam Stein writes that Jesse Lee, a member of the Obama administration’s new media department, will take on a new role in replying — at times aggressively — to stories that paint the administration in a bad light.

In a preview of what his duties may be, Lee blasted Fox News commentator Glenn Beck in a White House blog post, accusing Beck of lying and engaging in a “partisan attack to boost ratings.”

“This week, Jesse Lee will move from the new media department into a role in the communications department as Director of Progressive Media & Online Response,” said Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer in an internal memo obtained by the Huffington Post.

“For the last two years, Jesse has often worn two hats working in new media and serving as the White House’s liaison with the progressive media and online community,” the memo read. “Starting this week, Jesse will take on the second role full time working on outreach, strategy and response.”

Lee is also expected to deal favorably with the “progressive media,” according to the memo.

  • esby

    What! The White House has a war room? You’re kidding me, right? You mean, like a Karl Rove war room?

    That’s news, I say.

  • MDABE80

    It’s a position given to a cow inorder to obfuscate what the truth is.
    Obama’s actions speak for themselves. Now..the public will be treated to the ole “it was the other guy!” M.O. when the public knows the truth. Kinda funny. Obama, using our money, has figured out a way for the US taxpayer to fund a job that basically attacks the truth. Funny…must be a nervous Villy Nilly.

    Not since Nixon did a president have so much to hide and cover up/. SO I suppose Fox will be the target again. I wonder if they’ll be after Rush and other conservatives as well. Rush is impenetrable. Good luck manipulating the truth. America needs to begin believeing its own eyes again…not believing what Obama wants us to believe. Suspending disbelief will be deadly for America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Price/1396863552 Dave Price

    Seriously? Having the whole MSM on his side wasn’t enough?

    Now try to imagine the howls of outrage had Bush done this.

    • Paul in NJ

      “Now try to imagine the howls of outrage had Bush done this.”

      Better still, imagine rubbing the left’s noses in this if a future GOP Prez does exactly the same thing. Seriously, do they not see past their noses?

    • pink

      “Now try to imagine the howls of outrage had Bush done this.”

      You must be kidding or absurdly naive. Did you never hear of Karl Rove?

  • lollytyg

    He needs all the help he can get, and he knows it.

  • dapicayune

    What a progressive move? And just in time for “two hats” Jesse Lee to hit the ground running to crank up the WH media control spin machine to the combat the facts that Obama left last night at 10 PM for Ireland, 4 hours after a F4 tornado, the worst to touchdown in America in 60 years, hits Joplin, MO.

    So we wake today to horror scenes of the destruction in Joplin with over 116 people killed,…. and Barry sucking down Guinness after 70 % of Joplin had already been sucked up and spit out by a F4. Some Leadership by the most Un-American POTUS ever, almost as good as throwing Israel under his bus by suggesting resetting her borders to pre 1967 by someone who mocks his opposition with snarks about moats/alligators on our Southern border that he will not control, or launching an illegal war against Libya without Congressional approval, while on vacation with his family in Brazil.

    Leadership like this will get Barry primary competition. Keep it up, stupid. BTW, Bush arrived in NOLA within 72 hours after Katrina, as he told Gov Blanco/Mayor Nagin he would, 3 days before the hurricane hit. But don’t expect Lee and his Goebbels Machine, nor the MSM to compare Barry’s total lack of leadership here to the people of Joplin, to Bush, or anyone else, ever. It ain’t going to happen, though the Nation now sees these two photos of Barry in the Pub and Joplin blown away! The best part, these are unforced errors – he’s doing this to himself via arrogance. Leading from behind, indeed. Hurry 11/’12…….. O Must Go!

  • oc in nc

    So I guess that makes LOUDOG the Dog of the guy that gets the coffee for the guy that shines the shoes of the guy that got the job.

    • oc in nc

      Anniebannie this reply was meant for you.

      Sorry.Long day!

      You left me laughing.Good way to end a long Monday.

  • Autumnswirl

    the position of Press Secretary should be the one defending the white house. why this new position? If it is to defend the person of Obama during his campaign for 2012, not the white house itself, shouldn’t the position be OUTSIDE of the white house, not a part of it? I seriously do not know. But it seems like it should be.

    • russ311

      Good question.


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  • adastra2005

    When are we going to hear something – better yet, see something – from Obama about jobs??? Today he’s Irish. Last week he was lighting the fuse in Israel. He’s diddling around with his image on twitter and the net. Moats with aligators. Yammering about oil company profits. IT’S THE ECONOMY STOOOPID! This country will remain constipated until we squeeze this disgraceful turd from our White House.

    • jjsmithers

      Come on… This is about jobs. (Not many jobs, and not jobs that will benefit America, but still about jobs– for political hacks and corrupt media lackeys who want to work at the WH)

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