Betty White stars as the new face of AARP

At nearly 90 years old, Betty White has a message for senior citizens: get over it. The Golden Girls star can be seen stressing that age really isn’t a big deal in her promotional videos for AARP.

Age shouldn’t be a deciding factor when voting for politicians either, the starlet told Politico in an interview Monday.

“I think it’s mental activity and physical health that should have a lot to do with it, not just the number of years,” White said.

For White, the age of the politician doesn’t necessarily make them an incapable public servant.

“I think someone’s health is more pertinent to a political career then age [is],” White said.

In her most recent video, White urged those nearing an over-the-hill mark to join AARP.

“If you’re 50 or older and hesitant to join AARP because you think it makes you look old, I have a very important message for you. Get over it!” White said in the video.

AARP has decked out its website with their new spokeswoman, she can even be heard guiding callers for the organization’s toll-free phone line.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be hearing my voice the whole time,” White tells the phone lines. “Although, I do sound lovely.”

White began working as a spokeswoman for AARP in January when she jokingly said in a video her reason for promoting the organization was, “mostly because I’ve been promised a giant membership card.”

Watch: Betty White tells fellow elders to “get over it”

  • SignOfTheDollar

    AARP – American Association for Ripping-off Posterity.

  • RoadtoFREEDOM

    AARP… pretty smart… pick a popular face to slap on an ugly organization. Well played, dirt bags.

  • UncleDon

    Screw AARP and screw Betty White…..wait….ewwwwwwww.

  • clw

    Let’s hope she also encourages AARP to get the hell off of the the uber-liberal track that they’ve adopted. I for one will not be joinging AARP. There are better alternatives.

  • kingfish

    Not even Betty White can SAVE AARP. Seniors still remember the town halls and specially the one held by AARP, where the spokeswoman WALKED OUT on the seniors. Millions of seniors who witnessed that event WILL NOT BE BACK.

    The ONLY thing AARP does is SELL INSURANCE and kowtow to Obama. May they go down in a blaze of dust!

    • tekovuhoser

      They don’t even do that. They just license their name. That’s it.