Limbaugh: ‘Paddy’ Obama’s Ireland trip a ploy for the Irish-American vote

With the president on a four-day trip to the United Kingdom and given the tornado that devastated Joplin, Mo. over the weekend, some are asking why President Barack Obama was making a stop in Moneygall, Ireland to celebrate his “Irish roots?”

On his Tuesday program, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Obama has an uncanny ability to celebrate his roots no matter where in the world he is – whether it be Ireland, Africa, the Middle East or Selma, Ala.

“I saw, by the way we ought to start calling him ‘Paddy’ Obama – p-a-d-d-y, ‘Paddy’ Obama, the Obama of Moneygall,” Limbaugh said. “But even the U.K. Telegraph today has a fabulous story about how ridiculous it is Obama is trying to pass himself off as an Irish guy. And when he goes to Africa, he tries to pass himself off as a Kenyan. And if he goes to the Middle East he tries to pass himself off as Barack ‘al-Obama.’ And if he goes down to Selma he tries to pass himself off as a guy from down the street — totally disingenuous guy. And it’s a great funny piece with some great funny lines.”

Limbaugh offered a theory as to why Obama made a stop in Ireland: to get votes.

“Did you hear Obama tell the audience in Ireland he felt like he had come home?” Limbaugh said. “You know a lot of people say, ‘What is he doing in Ireland? What is he really doing there?’ Folks, do you not know – [Bo] Snerdly, you certainly know what he was doing in Ireland. It’s a campaign stop. It is a campaign stop for the Irish vote. The Irish vote in this country, particularly in New York City, is plentiful. And he’s got problems. His reelect numbers are down. This is nothing more than a campaign stop for the Irish vote.”

According to Limbaugh, showing he has Irish roots will get Obama the support of Irish Americans, and that was the primary purpose of the stop.

“Why make a big deal out of having some great-great-great-grandfather he probably never heard of until this week that’s from Ireland?” Limbaugh said. “Why make a big deal out of having Irish roots? What does it matter to statecraft? What does it matter to the job? It’s a pure campaign stop. The Irish vote in America is sizable. It’s pretty large, you’d be surprised and he’s angling for it pure and simple.”

Limbaugh also noted that Ireland’s troubled fiscal situation bears some similarities to that of the United States.

“So he goes over there and he says to the Irish people he feels like he had come home,” Limbaugh said. “Well, let’s examine. Ireland has a real unemployment rate of about 20 percent. Ireland’s deficit is about 15 percent of its GDP. It is teetering on the brink of financial ruin. So it’s no wonder Obama thinks he’s home. He’s visiting a place with similar economic challenges as here in the United States.”


  • rainbowdefender

    Let me guess the only thing that would upset the posters here more than Obama identifying with his European roots in him identifying with his Indigenous American roots? Why do some people try to tell others not only how to live, but tell them they are not what they are? The Republican party is truly out of touch and in one of it’s sadist states ever. It’s the Libertarians that destroyed the Republican party. It needs to go back to it’s roots. Rebuild with a solid foundation that can’t be shaken. The mascot is an elephant not a winning Fox that grabs everything it can and hordes it in China! Really it’s time for the Republican party to get back to it’s roots. A solid foundation just as a business needs. Something that can stand the test of time. This is all so shallow and lacks substance. Republicans need to be able to go to a safe home, and feel the love of their family. There is no way to feel love when so much hate rules the life of the average Republican. Lines can not be drawn so easy when it deals with emotions. The hate does come home with the hater. It is the libertarian take over of the Republican party that brought both the Republican party and the USA to it’s knees. The Fox is not the mascot of the Republican party. It is sly sneaky, and grabs everything it can. Even if it does not need it, and does not care about anything else. The elephant is big and strong, and has a solid footing. The Democrats, and Republicans are suppose to work together like the ying and the yang of a strong USA. How can one feel love when they are always angry, and trying to take everything in sight?

  • Silberhorn

    Obama is a con man.
    He is all things to whomever
    wants all things.
    Pathetic–he needs to be

  • erick1740

    I think 0bama got a little tipsy on that irish beer. He has made a complete fool of himself.

  • jmk1502

    Limblowhard has said a great deal of ridiculous things, but this is over the top for even that fat bag of wind. What “large group of Irish voters in the US?” He could have made that argument if he was talking about 1st or 2nd generation Irish immigrants and children, but don’t you think at this point, most “Irish-Americans” don’t call themselves that, or think in those terms? I’ve got Irish ancestry, Scandanavian ancestry, English ancestry, etc. So am I part of this huge “Irish” voting bloc in the US? The blathering moron must have snorted one too many Oxycontins before this latest nonsense.

    • voted against carter

      YOU protest WWWAAAYYYY to much. Rush IS correct. lil’ Brry is pandering. Irish he is NOT.

      you on the other hand are a silly libratard lost on your way to HUFF PO

      • jmk1502

        Thanks for debating all of my points about the Limblowhard with solid, salient rebuttals. I would ask you to posit what % of Americans with some Irish ancestry would A)define themselves as “Irish-American”, and B)be swayed by the fact that Obama visited Ireland.

        • Texas Chris

          A fair retort.

          Patty O’Bama is just wasting his time and our money in Ireland. I’m not saying he’ll be a one-term president, hell, he’s an amazing campaigner, but he’s another sorry president in a 100 year long line of sorry presidents.

          One day the American people are going to have to wake up and demand more (or less?) of their POTUS.

  • sarahistheone

    Rush is right as usual. You would learn a lot if you listen to him an hour a week. On the other hand I listen threeeeeeeee hours everyday………on Sat and Sunday I replay the shows. Whoever doesn’t listen to Rush is way behind just like Ears!

  • erick1740

    Obama is a total fool, how embarassing.

  • Spring

    Rush is riling up his base again with more lies. He knows the republicans have no one to compete with Obama.

    • Texas Chris

      Ron Paul will destroy him.

  • Taxpayer

    At first I thought Rush’s idea of Obama going for the Irish-American vote was kind of a stretch. However, in 2008 Candidate Obama did do a whole lotta campaigning outside US borders, and it obviously didn’t hurt the vote tallies at home. (Maybe that’s why today he signed the Queen’s guest book “2008”?)

    But now, Obama has an abysmal record and a still-broken economy to deal with. No amount of “I luvz teh world” is going to make much of a difference in 2012.

  • TommyV

    Yeah….a real Irishman….I get it!

    I can tell when he lapses into his Reverend Wright preacher cadence. Sounds just like my grandfather Thomas O’Toole. I just need to close my eyes ;)!!!