Obamas meet Prince William and Catherine

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle were not invited to last month’s royal wedding, but they still had a chance to meet newlyweds Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge during the president’s state visit to Britain.

“We can confirm that President and Mrs. Obama will meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shortly after their arrival at Buckingham Palace today,” a spokesperson said.

The two couples met at Buckingham Palace for about 10 minutes Tuesday morning as a precursor to the formal ceremonial welcome for the Obama family in the palace garden. Barack and Michelle Obama will stay at the palace as Queen Elizabeth II’s guests.

William and Catherine have just come home from their honeymoon in the Seychelles after a highly publicized nuptials ceremony at Westminster Abbey on April 29. The royal wedding, watched by one million people on the streets of London and two billion television viewers worldwide, remained a major news topic since last year’s announcement that William and Kate Middleton had gotten engaged.

Though some thought Obama had been royally snubbed by William and Catherine, the president did not receive an invite to the big wedding because William is not heir to the throne. The meeting was the Obama’s first opportunity to congratulate the prince and duchess face-to-face.

  • marklross

    What was Prince William Saying when that photo was snapped? find out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPPpBxZt4ag

  • FromMissouri2

    I’m thinkin a royal shower was in order after being in the same room with Obummer…..

  • Rocketman

    Prince William: “Yo, Barry, Bro … my grandaddy had your daddy locked up.
    Now, bugger off.”

    ‘Nuff Said.

  • Pat Hickey

    ” The 2003 St. Paddy’s Day Committee made me march last and now I am High King of Ireland. You left me and Michelle off of the wedding list. Something to think about Willie.”

  • kiwon

    “Wedding invitation? Oh, yeah, wedding invitation. Well, we really meant to invite you but things got a little crazy and somehow your name got left off the list. I don’t know what happened.

    How about another drink?”