Pregnant Tina Fey would like ‘a bit of a breather’ before next season of ’30 Rock’

Comedienne Tina Fey may have just released a memoir, but the pregnant “30 Rock” creator expressed an interest in having “some time off” before the sixth season of her sitcom to attend to her new baby.

“I’m hoping to have a little bit of a breather before the season starts,” the 41-year-old actress told People magazine last week.

Fey’s new child has already delayed season six of “30 Rock.” NBC said they’ll discontinue the show until January, but Fey still may or may not have the necessary preparation time before the infant is born.

“I hope I’ll get some time off to you know, care for/feed the baby,” Fey said.

Earlier this month, New York magazine reported that “30 Rock” would be held until mid-season. NBC chief Bon Greenblatt told the publication, “Tina’s pregancy is dictating that. We’ll have a few episodes available before the end of the year, but it didn’t make sense to launch it that late. Now we’ll be able to run all of its episodes uninterrupted.”

As Fey gets ready for child number two, “30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin remains unclear whether he’ll keep doing the series or sign off when his contract expires in 2012. In April, Baldwin said the program would end next year entirely, and he hasn’t specified in recent interviews where he’ll go after the next season of “30 Rock.”

With her baby on the way as well as the mystery surrounding Baldwin’s next move, Fey noted to People magazine that there will always be some sort of challenge or conflict that affects filming.

“Every year there’s something,” Fey said. “The writer’s strike … last year Tracy Morgan needed a kidney … we never had a year when we didn’t have something overriding our schedule.”

The “Bossypants” author said her daughter Alice is thrilled to have another sibling, as she will get to lead the way.

“She’s super excited,” Fey said of her little girl. “She’s looking forward to having someone to boss around.”

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