George Will wonders why liberals aren’t ‘clamoring’ for Obama’s impeachment

It’s been 66 days since President Barack Obama authorized military action against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. However, last Friday marked an important date, signaling Congress most authorize the military action or U.S. forces will be required to withdraw in accordance with the War Powers Resolution.

But that date passed with little fanfare, especially from a Democratic Party in Congress that was very vocal about former President George W. Bush’s incursion into Iraq. On Laura Ingraham’s Thursday radio show, Washington Post columnist George Will emphasized that despite the law not being popular in this and previous administrations, it is still the law of the land.

“Even if you think the War Powers Resolution, which requires certain reporting duties of the executive and sets a limit on American intervention, absent of congressional approval – even if you think the War Powers Resolution is an unwise law – it is a law,” Will said. “And this president like all presidents since it was enacted in 1974 have disliked it and have only acted as they said, ‘consistent with it.’”

And Will explained that even Bush had obeyed this law and he speculated that had this been George W. Bush leading an incursion into Libya instead of Obama, there would be liberals trotting out the idea impeachment for Bush.

“I don’t care, it is the law,” Will continued. “He is traducing it and if his predecessor had behaved this way – remember George W. Bush sought and got authorization for his uses of force – if his predecessor had done  what Obama’s doing in Libya, the liberals who are silent now would be quite seriously clamoring for impeachment.”


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  • jacko

    It’s interesting to learn that Obama is “leading” the incursion into Libya. The conservative line up till now is that Obama has been abdicating the American leadership role in allowing NATO to take the lead in Libya. Which is it? What’s more, comparing Iraq and Libya is like comparing the 82nd Airborne to the Mayberry police force. They are not in the same league.

  • tippy2

    I don’t care who is president, they need to follow the law. Write your congressmen and demand action. This guy keeps pushing the line and needs to be stopped!

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  • LordHowardHurts

    I have been getting a lot of “heat” for my repeated concern that if Obama is not removed from office before the elections of 2012, it will be the end of this great Republic, and the noble experiment of Freedom, rule by law instead of men, and Free Enterprise, called America. Most Americans are too worried about the financial crisis we are confounded by to take the time to understand that all this crisis is nothing more than government corruption, and that the solution for a recovery can not be left in the hands of those who created the crisis in the first place. The Republicans, who in fact, and actual practice, don’t display a dimes worth of difference over the theories and policy’s of the Democrats, continue to tell this Nation of Sheep that the elections of 2012 will provide our salvation. I contend that this is a wrong assumption based on the fact that we have, in Obama, the most secretive person ever elected to the Presidency. What we know about him is derived entirely from what he, himself, publishes and voices. There is no checking his word. Take this Birth Certificate situation. He has never showed his birth certificate, yet he has his lapdog media publish and voice that he has twice made his birth certificate public. If it is a fact that he has shown his true birth certificate, then he needs to swear, under oath, and penalty of perjury, and imprisonment, that what is posted is in fact his true birth certificate from Hawaii. He has not, and will not do this, based on the simple fact that what he has posted is a fake birth certificate. I will not go into the details of why it is fake, I will only prove it is fake by the fact that Obama has not, and will not make a sworn statement that it is a true copy of his certificate as found in the records of Hawaii. Then, as his birth certificate is in the public display, there would be no reason to stop anyone who desires to go to Hawaii, and investigate the records, and be assured that this posted certificate is true. Notice the fact that this is not an option, Hawaii forbids this action, and Obama doesn’t give his permission. The only recourse, for “Birthers,” is to be publicly ridiculed and slandered for not accepting Obama’s word. Sheep maybe don’t understand, but I take this as “Prima Facie” evidence that Obama has lied, and has had presented a fake birth certificate.

    Now to get to the danger of Obama not being removed from office prior to the elections of 2012. To make this posting easy to understand, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt2yGzHfy7s and hear President Obama, in his own words talk about his idea for a Civilian Security Force. Do your own homework and thinking on this subject. To me this proves conclusively that Obama is a Socialist, and he has an agenda that is against the Constitution he had sworn to follow and protect. Now, to understand the implications of his words, do your homework and go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKVx2exYazQ&feature=related Pol Pot 1975, part 1, and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9Lo1uZ5EZg&feature=relmfu Pol Pot part 2. I give you these examples because they are fairly current and if you listen to them carefully, you will see that Obama has many things in common with Pol Pot (secrecy of personal history, prime example). So you can either, study history, and study the actual words of Obama, or continue to live in a Nation of Sheep. The future is coming and it is not going to be what you expect unless you take action now.
    Lord Howard Hurts freedomfiles.blogspot.com

  • kingfish

    The whole country is lobbying for Obama’s impeachment but, again, 545 members of congress are oblivious and have SOLD-OUT 300 million people. These 545 REFUSE to cut even ONE federal department (for instance, Dept of Education, an abomination which has “dumbed down” 2 generations of Americans), nor can it “concentrate” on a budget. These IDIOTS (ALL OF THEM) are much too busy passing social laws, and PROHIBITIVE/
    RESTRICTIVE FEDERAL LAWS that ban Americans growing their own gardens, ban vitamins without a prescription, direct FDA raids on raw milk farms with guns drawn, REPEATEDLY attempt to ban 2nd amendment gun rights, REPEATEDLY attempt to pass AMNESTY, direct AK-47’s to be furnished to the Mexican Drug Cartels under Project Gunrunner, and direct that the Mexican drug cartels be allowed to roam freely in the AZ desert. Anybody feel like “becoming” an extremist?
    (this is only a smidgeon of the REAL list)

  • nickel1951

    In 1943 the US undercover agents in Germany had an opportunity to have Hitler killed by aiding some of the German military who were trying to eliminate the Furher themselves. The American Government decided against the elimination of Hitler because they correctly ascertained that he was so disfunctional with his constant insistence of meddling with German war actions that they should leave him in place.

    As a Constitutional Conservative I think Barack Hussein Obama, whoever he really is has done more to remind all of us of the importance of the rule of law in our once great country than any other President in our lifetimes. It has been a negative example but it has woken us up as a nation none the less.

  • truebearing

    Will is absolutely correct, but the Republicans and conservatives always approach these blatant hypocrisies of the left with the standard complaint: “if a Republican had done that…, or “If Bush had done this…”. Why not just state the facts and draw the hard conclusion? The left is peopled with liars and hypocrites who only see law or truth as valuable if it hurts political opponents. Any other time, the law and truth are the objects of scorn for the left and targets to be destroyed.

    The anti-war left has been as silent as a windless night in the Arctic over Obama’s involvement in Libya. They have been extraordinariy muted with regard to his use of predator drones to kill alleged terrorists in Pakistan, and they were gleeful that Obama violated Pakistan’s sovereingty when assassinating Osama Bin Laden. So much for the “pacifism” of the left, as if that crock of sh!t ever held anything but hypocrisy and lies.

    Yes, Obama should be impeached for violating the War Powers Resolution, and a thousand other violations of the constitution, but if Republicans can’t come up with something more gutsy than: “What if Bush….., there is no chance Obama will stop his renegade presidency voluntarily, or by impeachment.