Leaning Forward: Only a Nation Can Build This…

Here at the Daily Caller, we invite you to Lean Forward, and see just what can be accomplished when a nation and its federal government put their minds to one, epic, all-important project to benefit the entire country.

My friend Katherine Mangu-Ward first noted the stimulus-funded Dupont dog park, here.

Watch: Only a Nation Can Build This… Dog Park
The rich people who live near Dupont Circle couldn’t build it, no city could build it. Not even a whole state. No, only a nation could have built the S Street Dog Park…

Below is our inspiration:

YouTube Preview Image

  • donisarockiesfan

    As much as I love MKH ( and I really LUV MKH -hubba hubba) there can be nothing more funny then the inspiration for this clip. Seeing Maddow in that hat was like seeing Dukakis on that army tank. In fact I think that is Dukakis post sex change surgery. Should have went for a more feminine look Michael -you might have had us all fooled.

  • hillson

    Marion Park in SE (in the dog park portion no less) has a prominent stimulus propaganda sign as well. Finding a park or a road in DC that doesn’t, frankly, is the real challenge.

  • ChickFight

    Thank you FED – Thanks for giving us little people a nice, well funded place for our dogs to poop, and then that poop can be picked up with our gloved hands and placed gingerly, patriotically, into an authorized poop receptacle else we receive a very patriotic fine for 150 dollars. My chest swells with national pride.

    And thank you Rachel Maddow, for being the only one to come up with a really awesome plan to get us out of the financial poop we’re in. And may I be the first to say that there is no dike too ostentatious or unnecessary when it comes to national prosperity.

  • charles martel

    Brilliant parody.

  • DrTesla

    Does the DC pay this Ham girl to write only 8 blog posts in 2 months? How did she get her own blog if she rarely blogs, and when she does, it’s short and about something irrelevant, like a dog park.

    I don’t even want to know why she’s wearing that goofy blue helmet in the video above. Sweet Jesus, I hope this isn’t the future of conservative pundits.

    • BigRmv

      It always amazes me that the Democrats at times seem to have a great sense of humor (see 2008 Democratic Nominee for President as an example), yet they can’t comprehend simple parodies like this without getting angry.

      I think it must be too much processed sugar in their diets.

  • Steve Skubinna

    Some things require the equivalent of the Manhattan Project.

  • rainmaker1145

    Filed under WGAF…

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  • Ohwhathappened

    Nice hat MKH, are they empties or what?

  • Joey L

    Misleading … the park is in DC. What city or state would build it?

    • Doug Piranha

      You ARE aware the Washington DC is a city, right? With a mayor, a city council and all that municipal stuff?

      • Claude Hopper

        Doug, you forgot the city’s dysfunctional school system. That makes it a real city.