Sen. John McCain’s son Jack and girlfriend split

Jack McCain, the 25-year-old son of Arizona Sen. John McCain, is no longer dating media personality Julia Allison.

According to Allison’s blog, the two broke up earlier this month after she learned Jack McCain would be stationed in Guam for three years starting in September.

“I am heartbroken,” Allison wrote of her former man, whom she met through his sister Meghan McCain. “I am heartbroken for so many reasons. Because I loved him. Because I loved our relationship. Because I loved the future we had planned out together – the adventures we were going to have together. The challenges we were going to face together.”

Allison and Jack McCain began dating in November and moved in together just two months ago. According to Allison’s site, she’ll mirror the “Eat Pray Love” experience by fleeing to an ashram in Upstate New York.

In her detailed blog post, Allison revealed that Jack McCain isn’t entirely positive that he’ll stay in the navy, adding that military marriage might not be for her.

“When he looks down the line, the truth is, he doesn’t know whether he wants to stay in the military or not,” Allison wrote. “And I don’t think – as much as I respect the incredible women and men who are military spouses – I don’t think it’s the life for me.”

Late last year, Allison told Gawker that she wouldn’t blog about her relationship. The pair met at Meghan McCain’s birthday bash, when Allison tweeted, “Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you meet someone who blows you away. Wow.”

  • jjsmithers

    Apparently, Laura Donovan has been assigned to cover everything that goes on in the McCain family. Nothing is to be considered too trivial for a story.

  • AmyK83

    Why is this story showing up all over the place? From my understanding, these two people spent about 20 days actually in each other’s presence (if that) and now the breakup is being reported as some kind of important event. Julia Allison was (emphasis on WAS) a flash-in-the-pan media personality, and most people have never even heard of young Jack McCain, so why the story?

  • summerseve

    having NO idea who this chick is, did a search on her and found THIS lovely site dedicated to her:


    Gold mine of info