Obama hails Poland as model for Arab nations in upheaval

WARSAW — President Obama held up Poland as a model for Arab nations undergoing political upheaval on Saturday, saying its peaceful overthrow of Communism provided lessons for Tunisia and other countries struggling with the chaotic aftermath of popular revolts.

“Poland has navigated that process as well as any country in recent history,” Mr. Obama said at a meeting that included Solidarity leaders, though not Lech Walesa, who was out of the country. The president said he wanted “all states undergoing similar experiences to learn from Poland.”

Full story: Obama hails Poland as model for Arab nations in upheaval

  • TommyV

    Just keep talking barack….you make the conservative case every time you speak!

  • El Presidente

    Somebody put this on his teleprompter:

    1) Poland isn’t full of batshit crazy muslims.

  • lvjohn

    The difference between the Polish people and the radical Islamists is obvious(good vs evil), Obunghole is a moron.

  • pcnav

    Does this guy even hear himself talk? Poland is the example for countries full of muslim radicals to emulate? Yeah, that’ll happen…[sarc off]

  • erick1740

    The more apt comparison for egypt would be iran. 0bama is an idiot.

  • kingfish

    Has anyone ask the question, “Why is Obama ‘constantly’ on FOREIGN SOIL when there are HUGE issues to be solved in the U.S.?”

    1) He’s not INTERESTED in “domestic” issues.
    2) He OBVIOUSLY considers himself a “great statesman”.

    The majority of Americans hate (that word may not be strong enough) Obama and his staff. He’s DELUDING HIMSELF on #2.

    • mom

      let him delude himself all the way to the next election