Palin rides a Harley [VIDEO]

Former Alaska gov. Sarah Palin showed up to the Pentagon on Sunday for the Rolling Thunder biker rally. Arriving on a motorcycle, the conservative political figure sported a black Harley-Davidson helmet and was accompanied by husband Todd, who was reportedly wearing an identical helmet, and two of her daughters, Bristol and Piper.

Watch: Palin on the bike

View more videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com.

  • messup

    The left and its minions are ‘circling the wagons around’ their”anointed one.” They know full well Mr. “O” hasn’t a record to run on going into 2012. Think of it, the only President in recent history not able to run on: 1) Education, 2) Economy, 3) Healthcare, 4) Employment.So, Mr. “O” is trying to look presidential by focusing on Foreign Affairs and “humanitarian”issues…foreign and domestic. FEAR!!! That is the Left’s and its minions gut feeling. A human being displaying gut feelings of FEAR does one of two things:1)fight or 2)flight. The Left and their minions (read:MSM) have chosen to fight by destroying the messenger because they can never stay on message…only lies (false Birth Certificates, fake OBL pictures, etc.). Now they’re digging deep into Governor Christies background, why? one asks! FEAR! Sarah Palin and anybody in the GOP lineup willing to confront mano-a-mano Mr. “O” will see a house of cards fold-up and flop into ignomy. God Bless America!!!VOTE!!!

  • Skepticus

    Sarah Palin is not without her faults but I gotta say, she is one fine-lookin’ woman!

  • nickel1951

    If you remember the vile left were the ones who when faced with their first encounter of Sarah Palin and her family decided to critize Sarah Palin for having a good looking family and a wholesome image. They claimed she was just using her kids as props by bringing them to the Republican 2008 National Convention. And you know you are a liberal if bringing your children to watch you give the biggest speach in your life is somehow “craven”.

    Progressive Liberalism is a personality disorder masquerading as a political party.

  • Rocketman

    What’s up with all of the illegal helmets?
    States requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets follow DoT rules. The helmets shown aren’t crash lids, they’re caché lids.


    • anniebanannie

      One would think you would actually research what helmets are legal before making an outrageously stupid comment like that.

  • hoosierhawk


    The fine lady driving was 16 year old Willow Palin. Not sure how the reporters missed that. There was speculation about whether Palin herself would drive a Harley – nah, she let her daughter drive instead.

    • rountry

      I think Andy Barr missreported that in his Politico piece. Its not Willow, but a small business owner who has remained anonymous according to someone at C4P. Can’t trust the media for anything…

  • Brunette

    The former Alaska governor, who is the subject of a lot of overheated speculation about whether she will run for president in 2012, has accepted an invitation to participate in the annual Rolling Thunder memorial ride this Sunday, an official says.

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  • RDL

    I don’t understand the statement by diamond girl. In my opinion, Palin is the only politician that can pull it off without looking like a pandering, slobbering, insider. “Attention whore?” … really? It has been the media for the past two years that has reported on every single thing that she has done (for whatever reason). She was invaluable during mid-terms — getting national attention placed on candidates that were wallowing in obscurity. Oh, and nice use of the word “whore.” That being said, your choices of Bachmann, Santorum, Cain and West are right on target. Though. Though Santorum is a bit of a glossy image to me.

  • diamndgirl

    I resent her using Rolling Thunder to get attention…it’s never-ending with her using situations when she isn’t getting attention anymore…glad there were a lot of the heads of Rolling Thunder who said so as well, just in a nicer way. I’ve watched them for years on C-SPAN, and the last person I want to see there is another political attention whore using this venue for her own gain.

    Go Bachmann, Santorum, Cain and West if we can get him on the ticket anyway possible…’12 can’t get here soon enough.

    • 8second.ride

      You’re disgusting.

    • glassmaker

      “The non-profit group’s mission is drawing attention to American troops who fought in wars and are still unaccounted for.”

      How DARE she support that.

      ATTENTION WHORE? Where has Palin even said anything about this? She was invited. She rode with them. The anti-Palin crowd are the ONLY ones making a big deal out of it. Looks to me like it is you and YOUR crowd that are the attention whores.

    • Joepa40


    • TxGold

      She was invited, idiot!

    • des1

      “and the last person I want to see there is another political attention whore…”

      Sounds like someone is projecting again.

      The group asked Palin to participate to help bring attention to their charity event. You’d prefer she told them to go F— themselves? Gee, you’re a peach.

    • Brunette

      Looks like bt the Palin Hating Harpy is as popular as ever.

    • hogwild

      This event get’s damn little attention outside of the motorcycle riding community. The first time I have seen it on the national news. Palin brought attention to the event, not herself. And she was INVITED….

      Where’s all the HollyWood wierdo’s who care so much about people? Those people aren’t worth supporting unless they can be used as a political prop?

      Good on Palin, she brought well deserved attention to an important event.

  • barryaz

    Awesome. Love the bike she was on and the fine lady driving.