TheDC Interview: ‘Herman Cain Train’ singer ‘stoked’ for ‘bad ass’ Cain to run

Musician Gary Eaton is the man behind the soulful “Herman Cain Train” jingle at the end of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s latest web video. Though Eaton has never met Cain, he told The Daily Caller that he “loves” the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO’s political endeavors and is “stoked” that Cain is mounting a campaign for the White House.

“I think it’s great that he’s running, I’m really stoked that he’s running,” the California-based musician said.

Eaton, who belts out the line “The Herman Cain Train” and plays instrumentals in the final thirty seconds of Cain’s clip, says it was a big deal to be featured in a presidential candidate’s video.

“I’m kind of thrown by the whole thing myself,” Eaton said. “It’s actually kind of weird that this is happening…My wife and I looked at each other because we saw his announcement and at the end they started playing the song in the background while he’s walking around shaking hands with everybody. And my wife and I just lost it. It was just the weirdest experience. Some schlub like me has gotten music playing behind a presidential candidate. That’s whack…It’s kind of mind blowing dude, it’s kind of mind blowing.”

A member of the country rock band Kingsizemaybe and The Army You Have, Eaton said composing the “Herman Cain Train” wasn’t a very different experience from his “secular” musical endeavors.

“We’re trying to make a good song, you know what I mean?” Eaton said. “It’s not really much different. You create something. Chris [Burgard] came in with a strong idea and we created off of it. It’s like the same as my other band, it just happens to be political. My other band, I call it my secular band. But the process is the same on both things, we really believed in what we were doing…Art is art. Music is music. I’ve never really thought about it that way, that’s why my answer is kind of circular.”

Eaton says he wrapped up his “Herman Cain Train” musical contribution in just one day at his southern California ranch.

“It just went bang like that,” Eaton said of how quickly he finished the song. “We just knocked it out…We had a blast. Got some takeout, had some beer, it was great.”

On the political spectrum, Eaton considers himself an “independent conservative,” but he clarified that he wouldn’t want to be pegged as the “political guy” of music.

“I do music because I like music, but I don’t want to be the political guy,” Eaton said. “I have some friends who are like, ‘oh, that’s a great political [message], you should write a song about this,’ [but] it doesn’t really work that way with me. My own political songs I write, somebody says something to me, I have this thing where people challenge me…My buddy Larry and [Andrew] Breitbart actually [approached me]…and they’ll say ‘hey you should write a song about that.’ Sometimes I’ll do it as a joke, you know? You know what I’m saying? I don’t take it that seriously, I just kind of like throw something out there.”

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  • Barbbtx

    All aboard the Cain Train!
    We’re going to put this country back on the right track!
    Cain’s just the man to lead us back to prosperity.
    Cain/West 2012

    • thephranc

      Why are you a racist?

    • arianahuffinpaint

      westvalley is a typical racist LEFT WING troll. Go back to Media Matters.

  • mothybalz0169

    There is only one choice: Ron Paul 2012! The only man with a voting record to back up what he’s said his entire time in politics. The only man who votes Constitutionally. While the rest try to figure out a way to shape laws to benefit them or their sponsors, Ron Paul has upheld his oath the the fullest. It puzzles me when America isn’t willing to let an honest patriot get a shot at fixing our country. We keep voting in more of the same, and we keep geting more of the same. It blows my mind how any person who calls themselves a “republican” can vote for Mr. Cain mainly because of the fact that he supports bailouts and the Federal Reserve. His followers are either sheep, misinformed, or too lazy to research for themselves. The most repeated comment I see is “he’s the only man who can beat Barrack Obama!” Obama would mop the floor with him, but no one will debate Ron Paul. No one. The establishment is scared. Wake up folks. If you want to prove me wrong, lets have Cain and Paul debate one on one. Ron Paul is willing to debate anyone anytime. All Cain needs to do is call Ron’s office and set it up.

    • westvalley

      There is only one choice: Ron Paul 2012!

      I am not sure about Ron Paul, but I do know this that Cain and West are the worst possible choices the so called Republicans could make,,, It would be a kiss of death for sure….

    • scottie1321

      What are you talking about? Ron Paul has debated Republican candidates in THREE National Election cycles now. Cain participated in the last one and walked away the clear winner. Ron Paul has had almost 12 YEARS of debating to prove himself to the GOP. As of yet, he hasn’t come close. Ron Paul is correct on alot…in left field on some issues…out of reality on other issues…and Cain can wipe the floor with Paul on communicating the conservative foundational principles.

    • SheerPolitics

      Ron Paul–that’s a joke. This is the 3rd time that Ron Paul has run for president. He never gets more than single digit % of votes. He had to change from the libertarian party to the republican party just to get elected to anything. But he’s still a libertarian anarchist. He went on the first republican debate and advocated the legalization of HEROIN.

      What really offends me is his claim to being father of the tea party. That’s BS. The Paulbots have tried to take over the tea party. The tea party is not against any war except on our own soil (which is apparently the only war Ron Paul may be willing to fight.) It’s also not about legalizing drugs as if that would stop drug cartels or not increase drug use.

      • jeffreylayne


        Based on your comment, you have shown everyone that you are either almost entirely absent of any constitutional knowledge, or you are a big-government RINO that is a constitution-hating wolf in sheep skin. You are wrong on about every point.

        Ron Paul has much, much more support than the media is allowing you to believe, just as he did in 2008. Don’t you think the establishment will do anything and everything it can to keep a threat such as Ron Paul out of the picture? Let’s see, he wants to end the counterfeiting of our money through the abolishment of the Federal Reserve and return to a sound monetary system, he does not believe that America has any right to militarily occupy other nations (how long do you think a Chinese military base would last in our country? We wouldn’t stand for it, nor should we expect anyone else to stand for us in their countries… besides the fact that we cannot afford it), and he wants to cut all the departments that the Federal Government should have no part of (ie. Department of Education: Who in their right mind thinks that it’s a good idea to have the Federal Government educating our children? Privatize it! It worked way better then, and it will again!). This is only a fraction of what Ron Paul wants to do…

        And that leads me to my next point:

        If you believe that the Constitution is a document which promotes anarchy, then maybe you’re correct in your labeling him a “Libertarian Anarchist.” But it’s not… and Ron Paul is not… a proper labeling would be “Constitutionalist”, and because he is a Constitutionalist, he does not believe in Federal Regulations regarding drugs, as well as numerous other issues. Rather, he believes that it is up to the states to handle these issues. An example of this is the issue of abortion: Dr. Paul (an OB-GYN) wishes to remove the Federal Legislation which makes abortion legal… he wishes to reverse the decision in order to take us back to a pre-Roe v. Wade time, when it was an issue that was handled by the states themselves. He asserts that the Federal Government should not be involved in these matters. Do you really think that if Dr. Paul removed the legislation prohibiting drug-use, that all the states would make it legal? You’ve got to be kidding me if you really think that would happen. Sure, a couple of states might, such as California and Nevada, but almost every other state would maintain their own state laws regarding these issues. You need to get it out of your mind to think that Ron Paul would FORCE the legalization of drugs on the states… that is not the case, but I would bet that’s how you’ve interpreted him… and this leads to your lack of historical knowledge.

        Why do you believe in the superiority of the Federal Government, SheerPolitics? Why do you believe that the Federal Government should be involved in our lives? Why do you believe that the more power the Federal Government has, the better off we’ll all be? Do you not understand the role of the Federal Government as intended by our Founding Fathers was to protect us from ever going back to an English style Monarchy?

        What is it about a big government that you love? If you were a real conservative then you would advocate for states’ rights, not Federal authority. If you believe the that the issue of drugs (or, “HEROINE”) is an issue the president ought to be involved in, then please migrate yourself and your future like-minded descendants back to Europe. That’s not what we’re about here in the United STATES!

        And if I’m wrong about your love for big government, then please educate yourself a little more before leaving hateful comments about elderly, educated, persevering, Christ-following men who are deeply, deeply concerned for the well-being of our country.

        I don’t mean to sound to hateful to you, but I am incredibly irritated by your assertions.

        Oh… and one more thing, the Tea Party Movement began with Ron Paul’s campaign in 2007. I know it’s hard to believe that an advocate for limited-government would start such a movement, but yes, it’s true. Again, research before opening your mouth… please… for all of us…

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  • Tzadik

    H J- “Cain can’t avoid saying something stupid long enough to win an election.”

    As if that has ever stopped a Presidential Candidate from being elected. :)

  • HamiltonJeffersonian

    Cain can’t avoid saying something stupid long enough to win an election.

    • westvalley

      When you are not too smart to start with it is hard to keeep from saying stupid things….

      • thephranc

        That must explain all your intellectually void and racist posts.

    • tekovuhoser

      It worked for Joe Biden!

  • ExpatPatriot

    The engine that could….

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