Weinergate: The Third Way!

Triangulating Weinergate: So a liberal Congressman basically stands accused of sending a highly inappropiate tweet, while a right-wing blogger basically stands accused of setting him up. They could both be innocent, of course. Or not. But this isn’t a case of he said/he said. There are electronic records of all these actions. If both of the accused open up their computers to a neutral, third party tech nerd–who doesn’t have to be in law enforcement–it should be possible to find out fairly quickly if either/both/none of them is culpable, no? The truth is in there! … P.S.: Ace of Spades suggests that the accused “hacker” is game. …

  • truebearing

    Anthony “cocktail” Weiner is the one who potentially violated House ethics rules, not to mention his marriage vows, so he should submit to a voluntary inspection of his computer, twitter account, etc. to prove he isn’t trying to cover up.

    Breitbart is being accused, but Weenie has provided nothing that would substantiate his innuendos, therefore, it appears to be an attempt to smear Breitbart so the story itself loses credibility. I say turn up the heat and grill the weinee.

  • bigdvbc

    Seems like if you are innocent then you should have no problem opening up your computer and twitter account for investigation. Just saying if you are innocent you have nothing to hide.