Even the liberal Kos admits …

A Daily Kos diarist now reports that

There is no doubt something was posted to Weiner’s yfrog account, and after talking to multiple folks both liberal and conservative, they all claim to have witnessed this picture on Weiner’s yfrog account.

This would seem to kill of the earlier pro-Weiner theory that the photo was never on his yfrog account at all, but rather that (as Charles Johnson put it)

Someone may have photoshopped a screenshot of a yfrog page to make it look like it came from Weiner’s page

It was a good theory while it lasted. … Team Weiner is now left alleging that his yfrog page was “hacked.” There are ways to determine the truth of that, no? …

  • Dredmalice

    Is there any chance that – should Weiner turn out to be innocent – you would agree to spend at least as much time blogging about Clarence Thomas’s conflict of interest on health care reform as you have on this story? You know, an actual issue?

    • BuzzCrutcher

      Is there any chance that, should Weiner turn out to be guilty, you’ll stop pestering Kaus with your inane “why don’t you start regurgitating DNC/Media Matters talking points like the rest of us” comments?

      • Dredmalice

        Aaawww, I didn’t know Kaus was so delicate. Sorry to make you pause Jerry Springer long enough to throw out an ad hominem in defense of Kaus’s yellow journalism (yeah, that irony was intentional)

  • joeedh

    Funny how progress activists got so freaked out. . .this was never a threat to them. Their reaction is almost a bigger story then the story itself.

  • http://to-god-and-country.blogspot.com flataffect

    Why is this getting so much attention? Probably because Rep. Weiner made it a mystery, and everybody likes solving puzzles. At the bottom the offending picture was sent to Ms. Cordova from Rep. Weiner’s account after she had posted some flirtatious tweets to him.

    Whether he sent the photo or not, who really cares? We already knew he has logorrhea and poor impulse control. Unless and until more than this surfaces, quit wasting pixels on it.

    • Mickey Kaus

      Pixels are cheap

  • MikeR613

    I have not seen a single news story that says that anyone has a statement from Twitter or yfrog. We’re all busy speculating, but surely they know who posted the photo? Am I supposed to believe that no one thought of asking them?

    Not the first time I’ve said this: I would have been much happier if Weiner just said, This is none of your business, leave me alone. It ought to be between a politician and his wife, but the politicians always react in such a way as to make themselves guiltier.

  • motionview

    You know you are grasping at straws when you go to Chas Johnson for an explanation. The jihadis tea-baggers did it, eh Chuck?

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  • ninjapirate

    It’s funny how Weiner hadn’t tweeted for a few hours before the boner tweet… deleted it immediately, and then started babbling on about hockey… and why was he distracted by hockey when his tivo supposedly died?