Meghan McCain to pen book with Michael Ian Black

Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain, who recently relocated from New York City to Los Angeles, will collaborate with comedian Michael Ian Black for a book.

Meghan, the daughter of Ariz. Sen. John McCain, tweeted on Tuesday, “SO EXCITED TO FINALLY ANNOUNCE – I’m writing my next book with a gosh darned Democrat.” The Arizona native also linked to a Publisher’s Weekly story, which confirms that she’s indeed teaming up with Michael Ian Black for a humor book titled, “Stupid for America.”

“Robert Guinsler at Sterling Lord brokered the deal for the unlikely duo, who met each other, hit it off, and then came up with the idea for the book,” Publisher’s Weekly wrote. “The pair will be touring the country this summer, talking to everyday Americans about politics, to find out why, as the publisher put it, the system is ‘so f-ed up.'”

Da Capo Press describes the work as “Chelsea Handler meets Hunter S. Thompson on a political cannonball run across America.”

Meghan McCain, who wrote a memoir “Dirty Sexy Politics” last year, further tweeted on Tuesday, “n all seriousness, i couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with @michaelianblack – it’s something completely different, crazy and weird.”

When Huffington Post contributor Jason Pinter tweeted, “@michaelianblack is writing a book with @McCainBlogette. Seriously. I think my head just exploded,” Michael Ian Black tweeted back a positive response.

“Then we’ve succeeded,” Michael Ian Black wrote to Pinter.

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  • speppers69

    Oh GOOOOOOOODY!!!! Another anti-Sarah Palin book! Just what we need!

    And another way for Meggie to try to get her name in the press! I wonder if this one will have pop-ups and everything! Maybe even the answers in the back!!!

  • tst1212

    Can we please have at least a week without Snooki …. umm I mean Megan on the DC?

  • nam_vet68-69

    She acts like people would be surprised, her politics are the same as her dad’s, or maybe a little further left.

    • 1TrueOne55

      When you look at it a Progressive is still a Progressive whether your a (D) or (R), because when you look at the symbols, an (R) is just a (D) with extra legs to stabilise it when you raise it off the ground. A (P) is just an R missing the leg that would stabilise it so you effectively turn it into a a D on its back like a dying cockroach.

      McCain proved that he was a Progressive along with Bush and Obama when they “cancelled” campaigning to do what, have a photo op in the oval office and if you notice the seating in the picture you would have seen that McCain was on the edge and not the center near the seat of the president.

  • Phocus

    Don’t know who he is…and don’t care about her. This is an Onion piece right? Laura Donovan can’t be that dumb or blind. McCain is a RINO, and a boring one at that. The only people that like her are liberals…and only because she says she is a Republican and then bashes Republicans. She’s a plus-sized dingleberry on her dad’s name.


    The system is really so f—ed up because it vomits vacuous fur balls demanding attention, just because of a last name.

  • verityquest

    Wow…. all those trees, sacrificed for nothing. You go girl. Really. Go. Now.

  • Brutus2

    So . . . she had to bring in someone to write the captions for her crayon creations????

  • votersofny

    I’ll buy it. Oh wait, no I won’t.

  • walkingdead

    I had so much respect for M.I.B. no more. cant do it.