Matt Lewis

Palin’s bus tour causes media bickering on Twitter

Sarah Palin’s efforts to confuse the media about her bus tour seems to have worked; she’s turning them against each other.

“I want them [the mainstream media] have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this,” Palin told CNN.  This morning, she fooled some of them, leaving her bus behind as a decoy. Reporters have resorted to chasing her bus. All of this confusion seems to have gotten to the press who, understandably, are trying to get the story and do their jobs.

Now, some of the media frustration is playing out on Twitter.

Some journalists believe Palin is behaving like a celebrity, and that covering her may be beneath them. For example, The Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta Tweeted: “reality TV star Palin treating pol reporters like paparazzi — needing & hating, inviting & making chase.” Politico’s Ben Smith Re-Tweeted her — and Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post agreed, responding: “seriously, why dont media outlets have entertainment reporters cover her instead of polit. press?”

This was a bit too much for CNN’s Peter Hamby — who is hot on Palin’s trail. Hamby responded to both Franke-Ruta and Smith, Tweeting: “Believe it or not we’re asking serious questions. (And, btw, politico has a reporter here too).”

Franke-Ruta responded, Tweeting: “Right, right — but that’s how you’re treating her, not how she’s treating you.”

Hamby next turned his sights on Rubin, Tweeting: “smart point, [Palin’s] not a national political figure in any way, after all.”

  • april

    awwww….com’on Sarah throw those liberal losers a bone and give them an interview. On second thought, it is extremely amusing watching them “speculate”, make up more BS as usual and “play” the victim because they can’t get on the bus. Boo Hoo.

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  • Nate Whilk

    ‘Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post agreed, responding: “seriously, why dont media outlets have entertainment reporters cover her instead of polit. press?”’

    When they’re covering Obama, the political reporters might as well be entertainment reporters for the total lack of truly hard-hitting coverage they provide. Palin treats them with the same lack of respect as Obama does, but they don’t dare complain about him.

    • DaveT3000

      Jennifer Rubin! I loved her in “Screamers” and “Nightmare On Elm Street pt 3: The Dream Warriors”

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  • AnnD

    LOL this is just too fun. I love Palin. She is sheer awesomeness.

    I thought Andrea Mitchell was going to lay a brick when Mediate twittered a headline that read: Palin gave an interview and she was pleasant and full of grace (or something like that)” [I didn’t click on the link to read what they were reporting it could have been tongue in cheek but that was the tweet]

    Andrea Mitchell posted a tweet right after that. Leading me to suspect she was a bit goosed by the mediate twitter headline and check to make sure she does indeed follow them. Mediate is not really a fair site so I imagine she was a bit taken off guard.

    Mitchell was the first one who I noticed that reported on the Rolling Thunder controversay not expecting Palin there to “steal their thunder”. And managed to find and of course report as if it was the consesus among those partaking in the event as being offended of Palin’s surprise, unexpected appearance (which she was expected by those who actually run the event I’ve read). This way Mitchell was able to push and launch the debate that Palin advantage and took over the event (I wanted to respond and blast Mitchell for her Bullsht but thought better of it]. The thing did grow legs briefly and allowed MSM to paint Palin as a thoughtless and inconsiderate media whore; which is funny coming from someone like Mitchell.


    • AnnD

      Meaning (Mitchelle has some nerve painting Palin as a media whore) when Mitchell works for the biggest brothel of media whore’s in the industry for MS/NBC. Where those like Ed Shutlz lose their minds unprovoked and call a popular media pundit a rightwing whore!!

      • tommiec

        Hi danny,

        Oh, she ‘painted’ little Sarah as a media whore, huh?…exactly how did she do that? I’m sure you have quotes or do all we have is your fair and balanced memory?

        Please tell us all.

        btw, it’s right wing slut…

        • truebearing

          little tommy titmouse,

          It isn’t enough to show your lack of intelligence, so now you’re diversifying into misogyny? I guess that is just to boost your street cred with the left, eh titmouse?

          Such an empty headed little fool.

        • ImHappynBP

          You are absolutely right…you can be a whore and yet, not be a slut. It’s possible. I’m looking at you Ms Maddow.

    • truebearing


      Andrea Mitchell has a brick between her ears, and who knows where else. She can’t part with something that is so essential to her identity. Denseness is her signature.