Rep. Michele Bachmann: Palin a friend, not a competitor

As former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is generating a lot of media buzz with her bus tour despite her vagueness about a 2012 presidential run, what does this mean to the rest of the Republican field, particularly potential candidate Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann?

On Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” on ABC, co-host George Stephanopoulos asked if the Republican field was big enough for both her and Palin. (h/t The Right Scoop)

“Oh sure, I think there’s room for a lot of contenders,” Bachmann said. “I think there’s no question in 2012 the Republicans will field a wide bench of contenders against President Obama and I think that the comparison will be very favorable.

Bachmann explained she didn’t view the former Alaska governor as a rival. But instead, she argued she should be compared to President Barack Obama.

“Well again, I compare myself to Barack Obama,” Bachmann said. “Not to any of the other Republican candidates. First of all, I want to say I like Sarah Palin a lot. We’re friends. And I don’t consider her a competitor. I consider her a friend. But my comparison ultimately is to Barack Obama. I created a successful company. I’m a tax litigation attorney. I raised 28 children in my home. I have a number of wide experiences that I bring to the table. And that’s my comparison.”

When asked if by Stephanopoulos if she had a problem with running against a friend, she said she didn’t.

“No, not at all,” she replied. “Not at all.”


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    “Palin ,a friend, not a competitor”…and that is the way I expected…I was just waiting for that.

    You see,contrary to the normal ‘trying to cut-throat’ moves of the common politicians (democrasts and republilcans), Congresswoman Bachmann,as well as Gov Palin, these both individuals conduct their actions, expression and dynamics in a very healthy ,productive,unselfish,rational,elegant , and corteous manners.

    Never, ever expect none of them to start insults or inuendos ,to gain vote and advance strategies as they are exhibition of others inside the regular politicans out there – a thing and style addopted by the regular media and Obama machinery supporters , followers ,….or worshipers (if the term applies).

    I presume that if there might be a diffference detail on any topic/issue – a focus difference – their comment would be something like…”…although the issue could be addressed in the way my colleage demonstrated, I would like to offer this angle…”

    So, the quality of these two real-core patriotic americans is way beyond the ‘politics as always’…the platform already exhibited by both of them, for over long period of time, is at the highest latitude of proffessionalism…something not seen every day in the political spectrum.

    Congresswoman Bachmann and Gov Palin are what this great country is all about.

    Input anyone?

    Daniel Cabrera

    • tommiec


      Would they flip a coin to see who’s running for the top spot? Daniel, if those two ladies got the nomination—and that’s a huge, huge, if, they would be crucified by The Dems…it wouldn’t even be close.

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