#Weinergate Poll: Does photo show Congressman Weiner?

New York’s Rep. Anthony Weiner won’t say whether the lewd photo of a man’s midsection that appeared on his Twitter account belongs to him. While speculation swirls, many spectators of #Weinergate have begun to make up their mind.

Is the lewd image that appeared on the congressman’s Twitter account of the man himself? Or is it someone else entirely?

Take a look at the originally tweeted image below (Exhibit A) and a picture of Rep. Weiner marching along in a June 29, 2009 gay pride parade in New York City (Exhibit B), and vote in the poll (and leave your comments) below!

  • BigRmv

    It’s funny to me that the Leftist trolls posting here are bothered by the discussion (which is admittedly rife with jibes and puns) about Weiner’s tweeted package and not by the actual cause of the discussion: A pervert who lied and made false accusations to cover up his blunder.

  • DefeatObamunism

    It couldn’t be him. Everyone knows that liberals don’t have any.

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  • deyword

    Seriously? Is this how we spend our time? Discussing the merits of a tweet based on comparing the tweeted picture with a random photo of the man?


  • sarchasm

    I don’t know what’s worse. Weiner allegedly sending photos to co-eds or the author and posters of this comment section actually sitting around contemplating his package. “Methinks they doth protest too much!”

  • Mr.ManZ

    Schumer is a die hard liberal he loves everything to the left, even weiner.

  • elpolacko

    seems that he’s more of a grower than a shower but yeah..i’d say there’s a pretty good chance that’s him. he hasn’t denied that it is, he just doesn’t want to talk about it. well sir, neither have any of the other politicians who got caught with their pants around their ankles…you know, the ones that you thought should resign. goose meet gander.