Breitbart drops the hammer, calls out Jeffrey Toobin on ‘Weinergate’

If a conservative politician does something or is alleged to have done something ill-advised of the sexual nature, chances are it will be on the radar of the mainstream media. But what about liberals – like New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner?

According Andrew Breitbart, there’s a double standard not only in the mainstream media, but among members of Congress as well. On Tuesday’s “Follow the Money” on the Fox Business Network, Breitbart went right after those politicians. However, he also had a few words for CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who attacked Breitbart earlier in the day.

“Look, there’s clearly a double standard with the mainstream media,” Breitbart said. “If this were a Republican, like Mike Lee or Larry Craig or Mark Foley, it becomes the single most important story in the history of the media for three weeks, four weeks. We are inundated with it and then the Nancy Pelosis and Anthony Weiners of the world come out there and say there has to be the ethics investigation because this is how Republicans are but yet the Democrats right now are going out there on TV just like Jeffrey Toobin who has been involved in his own sexual scandal – Jeffrey Toobin who sought out during Monica Lewinsky tried to investigate into Henry Hyde’s sex life going back years and this guy is going on television today to say we shouldn’t pay attention to an alleged hack into a congressman’s computer? It’s ridiculous.”

Breitbart continued by asking if Comedy Central “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who is a long-time friend of Weiner’s, would go after Weiner on his show – which Stewart did ultimately do on his Tuesday program.

“Let’s talk about media cover-ups,” Breitbart said. “Very few people know this, but Jon Stewart and Congressmen Weiner were once roommates. I feel bad for Congressman Weiner because the double entendres are keeping this story alive to a great extent as well. Will comic genius Jon Stewart cover this obviously comedic rich territory when this used to be his old roommate?”


  • HoosYoDaddy

    It is clearly a “hard” topic to cover for the propagandist MSM (pardon the visual) and many, many more things are sure to “pop up” or be uncovered..or, um, come (again, pardon the visual), but Weiner has finally been caught with his pants down and exposed (again ” “) as a hypocritcal, spineless, lying regressive (redundant)..and he needs to let it all hang out (done) and stop jerking.. us…around. Stiff competition on the fertile joke fronts, but I am standing firm on my observations..gotta hand it to me there. :)

  • erick1740

    Poor weiner, a pervert who got caught. Will we now see his face on the sexual offenders list for new york? It should be, bet this was not the first time. Wait for the next shoe.

  • riseabove

    Loki – Your initial post on this page was a flimsy attempt to discredit Breitbart, one which was so poorly presented that I couldn’t even be bothered to click on the link you provided. Then you went on to lecture everybody else on proper internet etiquette. Then when a few people called you on it, you decided you wanted respectful, open-minded debate. Do you see that you pushed the buttons in the first place? You provoked hostility to begin with and then childishly tried to blame everyone else for responding? You can’t enter a room with a sneer on your face and act like you’re better than everyone else and expect to be treated better than you treat them.

    As for Truebearing’s posts, he has a knack for colorfully expressing the collective sentiment of a good many millions of people who are astonished to learn how so many on the Left feel about them when they’ve been the ones propping up the country and the economy, as well as the sometimes ultimate sacrifices they and their family members have made militarily all these years to make this country one the most desirable on the planet to live in. If you see contempt on the face of his posts it’s because we’re sick and tired of being deeply offended and insulted at every turn. The entitlement programs that would’ve been non-existent if not for the generosity of millions of hard-working Americans have become an object of disbelief when hordes and hordes of freeloaders demand more and more. What’s going on in the country isn’t right. It goes against every conceivable bit of good advice ever written or uttered by philosphers, scholars and theologians alike. We’ve had it up to our eyeballs with those in power who think it’s their place to take from others to bail out and reward bad behavior and faulty decisions. Our animosity stems from knowing that influential people, possibly like yourself, are out there perpetuating the myths and failed policies of the Left. Do you see that it isn’t the Left’s place or right to “transform” this country or, if this were a building, to tear it down and rebuild it they way they want it built? It isn’t their place. That’s where a lot of our indignation comes from. Just think if the situation were reversed and far-right zealots decided to catapult some freakish religious leader into office and then began to enact laws and thrust policies through that were not mutually agreed upon by both sides of the aisle. Wouldn’t you feel the same way we feel and do the same things we’re doing? If we can maintain this Democracy then you would have that right, so understand that we’re fighting the good fight. We are not the enemy.

    • Loki

      riseabove – I will admit, I should’ve opened with a more talk/debate friendly opening instead of just starting the way I did. I also showed respect for others when they presented a cogent reply, like the first one from HallMonitor, where he showed me something that I had not seen. I even said how I thought Brietbart was interesting and admired his tenacity and courage, especially for going on the liberal show Real Time. I did not lecture about internet etiquette, and I was respectful by not immediately reverting to name calling. No one called me on anything, other than jumping on the attack. Far too many times, more emotion is put into what is read then what was written. Now, if me asking questions and saying we should stay on topic is disrespectful, I don’t know what to say.

      I’m not an extreme leftist, nor am I on the right. Do you really think that only those on the right are propping up the country, economy, and sacrificing? I’m not being snarky, I’m asking a legitimate question. Cause myself and quite a few relatives and dear friends will beg to differ on that point. And I agree, it’s not the Lefts right to transform the country, but it’s not the Right’s right either. We do have serious issues in this country. I do think there are too many freeloaders and people that are scamming the system, from those at the low end to those at the high end of the scale. There are as many failed policies of the Right as there are of the Left. These problems didn’t just spring up overnight. They’ve been snowballing and perpetuating for years. I may have disagreed with some of Bush’s policies, but I always respected him as the POTUS. The system has stagnated. Dems can’t put together coherent messages, or plans for that matter, and Repubs, prior to securing the House, set a record for fillebustering and really haven’t offered any meaningful, viable solutions. I do not consider you the enemy just because I may disagree with some things you and others write here. But consider for a second, that not everyone who is center/left is your enemy. You may find some allies to help fight the good fight.

      • riseabove

        Loki – Freedom is our most precious commodity.

        I don’t care how well-meaning or good intentioned anyone is on either side of the political spectrum, when they tamper with our already limited liberties, I come out swinging. It may not be today or next week or next month or next year but tyranny will most definately rear its ugly head if we allow the current climate to go unchallenged.

        We can either help expediate that process by sitting idly by, or we can put up our best defense. I choose the latter. I certainly hope when push comes to shove, you will too.

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  • A1beachguy

    The wailing and gnashing of teeth by liberal dorks says a lot about Breitbart’s impact on the media. Kudos Andrew.

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