Fun with XtraNormal: A whole bag of Weiner jokes

Apart from a scandal involving Rep. Henry Waxman, could there be anything more disturbing and juvenile than Anthony #Weinergate? The answer is yes, but who wants to mine that deep into the vast depravity of the human psyche?

Either way, the jokes about the New York Representative are just too much fun and too easy to resist. Is it sophomoric to laugh at Weiner, the coverage and the free advertising Fruit of The Loom is getting? Absolutely. But it’s all so silly! How can you not crack jokes?

With that in mind, here’s an XtraNormal video that contains no less than a dozen Weiner jokes in under two minutes.

A special bro-tastic high five to Rush Limbaugh, a confused childhood, and of course, Weiner’s Twitter account.


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