Staff shift may indicate Bachmann presidential run

Andy Parrish, Michele Bachmann’s chief of staff, notified colleagues Wednesday that he will be taking a temporary leave of absence from Bachmann’s congressional office but will remain working for her in an unidentified “exciting new position.”

Parrish’s internal email heightens the speculation that Bachmann will run for president, as there are few positions outside Bachmann’s office – but still under her tutelage – outside of a presidential campaign.

Bachmann has said that she will announce whether or not she is running this month in Iowa.

See the internal email:

Friends –

I wanted to let you know that after an enormous amount of prayer I have decided to take an exciting new position with Congresswoman Bachmann. I will be able to tell you more about what I am doing in the near future. My personal cell phone and personal email will remain the same, please stay in contact.

Her staff is an amazing team and I know we all feel privileged to serve an amazing Member of Congress!

I will reach out to each of you directly to talk to you more about this.

All my best,

Andy Parrish

Chief of Staff

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  • Fred Rowe

     The woman is from the wrong millennium; her rhetoric would sound almost sane if uttered in the dark ages. Even though I know she is a member of the congress my mind can not wrap itself around the fact. When I get close it makes me shudder. I fear for the country.


  • Rwsilberman

    Michelle Bachmann is complete moron and idiot!
    If she would take the time to read what editiorial page of the Wall Street Journal or reasoning that Standard & Poors provided, in dropping the US Credit Rating. They very clearly put the blame on the Freshman Rep. Tea Party, holding the Republican Party hostage from realistic compromise. That’s the Wall Street Journal’s take! Standard & Poors gave their reasoning, as the Republican Party, being unwilling in putting Tax increases on the table. In bringing the country to the point of default! That’s why S&P claims they dropped the US credit rating! Read their comments, you iditot!  

    Her own Right Wing Financial, Wall Street Journal, very clearly puts the blame, squarely on the Republican’s in ability to address Revenue increases. Which is the only thing that will bring out of this mess! We’re in 2 1/2 wars! Who’s going to pay the bill? I know, it Michele’s magic wand!

    I voted for Ronald Reagan twice. He was nothing like these Republicans or Tea Party People. Reagan was Great Compromiser! And admitted before leaving office, that Supply Side Economics, just don’t work! Never has, never will! Maybe if some of these politicians would take Economics 101, they may begin to understand something?

     Hey Michelle, do you pay credit card bills? Why do you? That’s you’re philosphy! Well, the US Bills have to paid, for this country to survive! I don’t like Obama’s done. But, he didn’t get us in this mess, to begin with. This Trillion a year plus, deficit is from our involvement in foriegn wars. That we have no bussiness being in, to begin with! What are we, the oil companies, private army for sale? Except that they’re not flipping the bill. I am! And the US citizens are! 

    Oh yeah, just cut social security, medicaid, medicare, fire depts., police depts, education, all the domestic programs that provided a safety for the “have nots” or the middle class of this counrty!
    But, don’t cut the Detense Budget, G-d forbid! And don’t raise taxes to pay for a war that Bush Administration, lied us into!  Yeah, let’s be like Mexico. Where 10% has is super rich. And the 90% percent is Super Poor!

    This woman shouldn’t be elected as Dog Catcher! With the idiotic and exteme partisian, non-compromising statements she constantly makes.  

    She makes me think that our greatest natural resource is Stupidity!

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