Limbaugh speculates on what gave rise to Krauthammer as an opinion maker

There has always been this sort of divide between inside-the-beltway conservatives and leaders of the conservative movement who think those inside-the-beltway conservatives have been contaminated by the culture of Washington, D.C.

When pundits like Charles Krauthammer, George Will and Bill Kristol speak, people pay attention. However, what is it about those figures that command that sort of respect? On his Thursday show, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh delved into that subject, citing specifically Krauthammer’s seemingly low regard for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a presidential candidate.

“[K]rauthammer the other day on Fox – I happen to see it, said that Sarah Palin still doesn’t cut it for him,” Limbaugh said. “’She’s got good instincts,’ but she’s just not properly schooled. And he said ‘I don’t mean schooled in the right places, she’s just not learned. She’s had two-and-a-half years to school herself on matters of policy. She just hasn’t done it. She can’t demonstrate it. She’s just not properly schooled.’”

Limbaugh, referring to an American Thinker article by Tom Rowan, offered one theory on Krauthammer’s disdain for a Palin candidacy, which goes back to Krauthammer’s days as speechwriter for former vice president and 1984 Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale.

“Well this guy says, ‘Why are we accepting … why in the world do we sit here and bow down at the opinion of somebody who used to write speeches for Walter Mondale?,’” Limbaugh said. “Now Rowan’s theory is that people’s pasts matter, so here you have Dr. Krauthammer – speechwriter for Mondale, who obviously at that point in his life thought that Ronald Reagan was a total idiot, you know, probably not schooled. So, Rowan’s theory is, analyzing the analysts is that he probably sees – Krauthammer sees Reagan in Palin and wasn’t particularly enamored of Reagan.”


Limbaugh offered Washington Post columnist and ABC’s “This Week” roundtable regular George Will as another example of an inside-the-beltway pundit with similar clout.

“George Will was not an early Reaganite, for example,” Limbaugh said. “He became a good friend and associate later on. But this got me to thinking about this whole notion of who earns respect and why. And Mr. Rowan of the American Thinker says, ‘why is it that everybody stops what they’re doing and Krauthammer issues and that’s it?’”

Limbaugh said he wasn’t just trying to focus on Krauthammer.

“That got me to thinking – yeah, why is that, with anybody – not Krauthammer, I don’t mean to be focused on Krauthammer,” he said. “That was just the jumping off point here for me, the piece by Rowan here at the American Thinker. Everybody wants this kind of respect by the way. Everybody seeks it. Everybody would love to have it.”

Limbaugh proposed the theory that Krauthammer has managed to position himself as the sort of lone conservative on various programs, such as the syndicated show “Inside Washington” that airs on Friday nights in the Washington, D.C. market and sometimes on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” and that is responsible for his special brand.

“Krauthammer in many ways has acquired this respect because in many of the venues he appears he is the only conservative – on the local Washington opinion show on Friday nights, that’s it. Not so much on the Fox roundtable but he’s close,” Limbaugh continued. “They surround him with a number of libs on the show so he’s unique in that sense. Used to in the old days, Krauthammer would have unique takes on things. And so the perception was what you got from Krauthammer was the truth.”

  • old and slow

    the american people must start thinking for them selfs. my father, always said “if the pol is for it you be against it. if the pol is against it you be for it. you will be correct most of the time.” do not be a where you lead me I will follow,what you feed I will swallow american. be a thinking american.

  • dave62846

    …so many thinkers, so little time. i can honestly say that Rush and Sarah remain essential to the body politic, and are as irreduceablle as “insiders.” often much involves trust and triage. should every liberal or conservative be concerned about attention to Dr. Charles, or Dr. K.? where do fireman best witness–in their own homes, or where there’s a problem! does Rush watch? maybe does he, so others needn’t? or am i missing something, or worse? i’m glad mine are often academic questions, “aren’t you?”

  • JoeJ

    Oh’ have call people names, cannot answer the facts – poor you!

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  • JoeJ

    The answer to this is quite simple – Krauthammer is a Zionist and therefore mistrustful of anyone who is not part of the north east power structure that Zionism controls.

    Palin is 100% in the Israeli camp – but she has big problems with the Zionist’s media and their big Wall Street banks. Zionism’s purview has expanded way beyond just Israel – they now occupy America’s institutions.

    Hence Krauthammer has to trash her — see simple – that is the nut of the situation.

    • KGC

      Well, something (or someone) is certainly a nut, of this or likely any other situation, I imagine.

  • GortRules

    When I heard Krauthammer make that comment the other day I took the same spin Limbaugh did…until I had a chance to think about what he said…and then I agreed with Krauthammer. I love Palin’s raw approach to politics, but to get elected, she needs to become a little more polished and start speaking to all major issues and not just domestic ones.

    I think Krauthammer hit it on the head when he suggested she may have wasted the past 2 years. Palin isn’t quite as rough as she was when we first heard about her…but she’s still not really all that smooth on the tougher issues, especially those outside the realm of energy (she rocks that one). The average voter, especially the independent, is not going to vote for someone who isn’t strong on all issues…and who doesn’t come across as having spent some time actually thinking about an issue rather than appearing to shoot from the hip. And you can’t win the White HOuse without the independents.

    I’d like to see her spend the next four years working on her policy badges…domestic and foreign. Running for Kyl’s Senate seat in 2012 might not be a bad idea. That would give her the option to run for POTUS in 2016 or 2020. Remember, she’s only in her late 40s now, so even 8 years from now she’s still in her mid 50s….which is still prime office holding time.

    If she runs for the White House in 2012, she will lose and that will effectively be the end of her political career. I’m banking that she’s smart enough to realize she needs some “schooling” before she puts her name on a national ballot.

    • NHBuckeye

      I completely agree with you and Mr. Krauthammer. She should have been studying and making connections to help her develop informed opinions about history and current events. Two years ago I thought her weakest point was foreign policy, not from a ideological stand, but in terms of her lack of knowledge. She really needed to understand history, its players, strategies, cultures, etc, to change people’s minds about her. She definitely has the heart of a president, but she needs more info. Evidently she has not done the homework. It is too bad too, because her natural leadership ability is exceptional. Reagan, by the way, did the homework for years and years. He knew exactly what he was talking about.

  • kingfish

    Krauthammer and William Kristol are AIPAC zionist mouth-pieces. Their agenda is war-mongering for Israel using American TAXPAYERS and American SOLDIERS for their cannon-fodder. They want Americans to DESTROY all Israel’s enemies, and AIPAC will resort to ANY MEANS NECESSARY INCLUDING MURDER to achieve these aims. They’ve been urging the U.S. to attack Iran for at LEAST 3 yrs because Iran “might” have a nuclear bomb. Never mind the fact that Israel has a whole arsenal of nuclear bombs, and there’s NEVER any inspection or even MENTION OF THESE. They’ve vowed to take the whole world down with them if attacked.

    Lieberman (and McCain) are constantly on TV war-mongering for Israeli, urging the U.S. to do MORE BOMBING of Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and on and on — until they reach Iran.

  • truebearing

    This isn’t a title fight, an election, or a prom queen vote. Limbaugh is a conservative and Krauthammer a neo-conservative. They agree on many things, but not on some key areas. Both think Palin is very smart, and both recognize her brilliant political instincts. Krauthammer, being an intellectual, thinks Palin has to be more like him. Limbaugh doesn’t agree and sees Palin as having the intuitive abilities to be decisive and see things for what they are. Krauthammer is biased against Palin because he is a neo-conservative, while she is a conservative. It’s that simple.

    I have to laugh at the comments who fail 100% to address Limbaugh’s ponderings on why Krauthammer’s opinion is so revered. You people are basically choosing style over substance, and that is precisely what got Obama elected.

    Why don’t you rationally discuss the merits of Limbaugh’s thoughts? Are you disputing his facts? Are you saying Krauthammer wasn’t Mondale’s speechwriter? Are you suggesting Krauthammer didn’t write speeches back then that hammered Reagan, Mondale’s opponent? Just saying you like Krauthammer better than Limbaugh is frankly childish, and even stupid if you also claim to be a conservative. It painfuully obviates the fact that you don’t recognize which ideological bent the various players have, or how it relates to the one you claim to support.

    Rush is a conservative. So is Palin. Krauthammer is a neo-conservative. So was Bush. Reagan was a conservative. Maybe learning the basics BEFORE opining would help.

    There are two things that will destroy a democratic republic like ours: an immoral electorate, and an uneducated electorate. If you don’t know one ideology from the next and vote strictly on vague notions and emotions, you will contribute to the fall of the nation, and that is precisely how Obama got elected. The seriousness of the right to vote can’t be understated, and the failure of the voters to be informed will inevitably lead to the loss of the right to vote. We are nearly at that point now.