Howard Dean warns Sarah Palin could beat Obama in 2012

Howard Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chairman who helped Democrats capture the White House in 2008, warns that Sarah Palin could defeat President Obama in 2012.

Dean says his fellow Democrats should beware of inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom that Obama would crush Palin in a general-election contest next year.

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  • Noonien Soong in CT

    Rampant speculation will inevitably abound surrounding Sarah’s will she or won’t she get into the race.
    Dean’s cautionary to DNC is troubling. Is it a diversion on the order to get Sarah Palin to jump right in only to get whip sawed for the effort to be too soon? This could be a mistake. Palin should wait a wee bit more until the timing is right.
    The best strategy is not to show a strategy at this juncture as the opposition will tire themselves to inaction which can lead to a victory.


    Look at all the money the DNC is spending on their negative campaign against Sarah Palin. They say name recognition is important. Well Sarah does have that. I think that sometimes more people know who she is than they do President what’s-his-name.

  • libertyatstake

    And it’s the rare double tap …
    Hey, as long as Barry’s dysconomy stays stuck on Keynesian stupid, a three legged dog with a lisp in its bark will beat him. As long as it’s a principled conservative, that is.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed

  • AnnD

    Dean is trying to encourage Palin to run because he knows it will hurt our chances.

    The end.

  • bikerdude1

    hahaha, you are just a putz who is p.o.’d because she has character qualities and experience that obumbles the community organizer never had.

  • Spring

    Dean is funny, a Quitter as president of the United States? Never mind that she’s just plain mean and never talks about what she would do (criticism alone won’t give her votes), the lady’s a Quitter

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