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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Tito ‘The Builder’ Munoz

SPECIAL LEADERS FEATURE: “Immigrant Voices on America”

Interview with Tito “The Builder” Munoz

Tito Munoz came to this country from Colombia, and became a citizen in 2008. He owns a small construction company, and is running for a seat in the Virginia State Assembly. Under the name “Tito the Builder,” Munoz has also become a well-known Tea Party activist, a Spanish-language radio show host, and the head of his own political action committee, TitoPAC.

At a time when political leaders in both parties tend to understand their constituents as discrete and predictable voting blocks aligned by race and ethnicity, Munoz is a reminder that the American political reality is more complex, and inspiring. TheDC’s Ginni Thomas caught up with Munoz recently to talk about immigration, Hispanic voters and the Obama administration.

Tito on the left’s harmful efforts to seduce Hispanics

“If you don’t adapt or take the knowledge of this country, you’ll be losing the value of the opportunities and freedoms that we possess. So, the left is always trying to separate the individuals and … marginalize them in communities for their own political purpose. It’s not for the purpose of really uniting into America or to making better Americans … but for political gain because that will be easier for them to manipulate when it comes to elections.”


What would Tito say to President Obama if he had an audience?

“I don’t see nothing wrong with America, I see a lot of wrongs with the government and politicians.”


On issues that resonate with Hispanics and legal immigrants

“The Democrats offer big government, who will control the people … and they offer handouts … Our country has become a welfare system country.”


  • supernova

    Just another uncle tom lusting for a pat on the head from white folk,how can he be for the working man and back the party that hates labor unions at the same time..Ray Charles can see these reptiles are for the very rich and big business..their really good at that O’le tired wefare handout crap but they know that the verry mention of these words makes racist idiots think black/minorities but what they don’t say is whites get the biggest chunk of public aid…..white 66% to black 38%..foodstamps=white 46.2% to black37.4%….medical care..white 48.5% to black 28.3%..retirement/disability social security= wow white 88.7% to black 13.3%..I’ve worked in human services for 26yrs thers alot you think you know but don’t…the pee party/repubs in congress go out of their way to alow very rich people to get license to open up privately owned prisons all across the nation where they make and sell goods to the public,on prison labor they have no rights so their pay is 38 cent to 1.50 per hr the owners make a 1000% profit…inmate health care however is kicked to the state to pay..alot of them need emergency room care from stabbings beatings or accidents a visit there runs about 400-800 a pop…pluse facilities for juveniles…not counting the 60 to 80 bucks a day to house the partiers/repubs cut the taxes of the owners..and the owners charge us in taxes..this happens on the federal level also,because alot of prisons are federal but yet owned by business men..years ago the state made money back off the prisons but they are really big business these days..prisons and jails are built at a higher rate than schools..theres no bucks in school buildings.The whole country is going big big 1980 i worked for a company that built computers i made 8.36 per hr…our CEO made 70,000 per yr 32 yrs later CEO’S make like 80 – 120 MILLION+ a year and employees still make 8-12 bucks per hr thats nowhere near the times..and thats why more and more women had to get a comes big business day care which took up half or more of the two paychecks…they knocked out Ms Kennedy who lives up the street from babysitting and all of a sudden she needed license….ms kennedy who the family has known for 30 yrs need a license now to watch MY kids…big business now one kid cost 160.00 bucks per week..freako tito owns a business right? so -called handouts go to business tito drone business gets more welfare than 5,000 people put together and pay less taxes…president of the company pays less tax than someone running a machine,thats just about as crazy as most of you….they make you think your poor and pathetic because of poor people Lol LolLol those women with children getting aid are living like 2 kings on 9-12 hundred bucks a month…I make that a week and have to watch my step…Tito we have to break Exxon Mobil,Shell oil,BP and other big companies from government DEPENDENCE…so Tito d lee don’t be so dumb!! quit looking for white folk approval,quit lying and stealing votes from the ignorant who only follow you because your hispanic and don’t have a clue the day the pee party/repubs care about you is the day Jesus hugs entertain them like a big gooffy columbian mascott clown their not laughing with ya their laughing at at ya!!

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  • pokey5735

    I love this guy! you couldn’t find a more perfect example of a true American who believes in this country and the Constitution of the United States.
    I wished he were my representative!
    God bless you, Tito!

  • Goldwaterite

    Ginni Thomas looks like Ed Schultz in a wig

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  • nax777

    Most are falling for the propaganda. We will make someone in Britain listen to us as we allow the Brits to define what makes a person smart enough and experienced enough. Only content matters!

    The opposition is using capitalism against us. Even the capitalist are destroying us. All the conservative groups out there won’t set capitalism aside long enough to get everyone on one platform.
    Capitalism works best for individual prosperity raising all boats. But as a political tool capitalism serves as the best way to separate people.

    Feeding an overpopulating poor nation of people before they learn to govern their passions is the work of a cruel or foolish heart. What better way to teach the fool hearted than to have these nations overwhelm them.

    Ill taught Libs and Christians produce the most foolish hearts. One line scripture and buzz phrases are served as applications to all things. Jesus has been quoted many times; “is it not written?”, “have you not read?”

    Replace the parties with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

    P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @