Matt Lewis

Bachmann vs. Palin feud hits Twitter

A few weeks ago, I pointed out that a prominent Sarah Palin blogger had turned on Michele Bachmann. On Fox News Sunday this week, Palin pointed out that she, unlike Bachmann, had executive experience (though added that Bachmann had strengths, too). The feud was taken to a new level, however, when Bachmann’s new “celebrity” campaign manager, Ed Rollins referred to Palin as “not serious.”

This was too much for Palin supporter and talk radio host, Tammy Bruce who took to her Twitter feed. Bruce, who also appears in the new film about Palin, “The Undefeated,” Tweeted: “Palinistas, u know my theory Bachmann is a Stalking Horse/patsy for establishment, mission is to divide & distract, don’t fall for it”


Bruce also Tweeted: “I’m told Rollins, aka ‘Bachmann guy’ spent entire intv bashing Palin, not discussing where his candidate stands on issues. Weird.”

It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Earlier today, prominent conservative blogger Michele Malkin lamented the feud, Tweeting: “I hate to see Bachmann and Palin camps going at each other. Hate it.”


No good deed goes unpunished. Malkin must have received some push-back from Palin supporters, because she later Tweeted: “Pro-Palin friends, why are you picking a fight with ME? ‘Camp’ is a general term. Quit it w/the ‘they started it’ crap.”

  • Anonymous

    once again you prove small minds breed small thoughts.
    Talk about ignorant, honey you win the prize.

  • Anonymous

    you sound childish and disconnected, you must be a Lib.Being uninformed makes you look silly and S  L  O  W.

  • Anonymous

    Actually childish one, Palin helped Bachman get re-elected.
    Bachman paid her back by stabbing her in the back.
    Naturally you would like the back stabber better, they have your morals.
    Libs don’t have a clue when it involves loyalty, Bachman made a grave error
    by hiring the thug she did for her PR man.
    Bachman doesn’t have a chance in 2012.

    Your problem is, Palin isn’t like your thin skin boy Obama.
    She is tough as nails and laughs off little jokes…. such as yourself.

  • Anonymous

    probably as long as it takes you to grow up.

  • Anonymous

    probably as long as it takes you to grow up.

  • Love USA

    Yes they have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Palin and she remains strong. Amazing. Any one person who Libs hate that much is fantastic in my book. She outlasted them all so far, they cannot understand why she is still standing tall. A Lib/Dem man would have crawled away long time ago and found a Univ. job or anchor position on TV.
    Once you actually wade through the liberal trash things do get better.
    This past week CNN, yes CNN, has been doing some unbelieveable reporting on Palin and Obama. Factual reporting!!!
    CNN were reporting truthfully and right on the money.
    CNN actually praised Palin as a Gov (after reviewing emails) and seemed quite floored by her dedication to the State of Alaska.
    Truth can be shocking when you have been fed so many lies, no matter, Palin weathered it all. They were very complimentary towards her and her dedication to this Country.
    Yesterday CNN finally called the DOJ and WH on dirty deals and the horrible Fast and Furious gun deals that, like the stimulous, went horribly wrong.
    That God people are starting to question Lib fibs, took soooo long.
    I suppose most had to wait until Obie damaged their own personal lives to wake up. People are now talking/researching and seeing things for what they REALLY are instead of taking Obie’s word for it.
    One best fear bussed in Union thugs to cause destruction as much as a cold hearted socialist Pres. who will protect the Unions (are they considered a special interest group?) at the expense of the American people.
    Like the ole Union thug said….if I am not AT the WH every day, I am on the phone with them every single day.
    Yet Obie’s cabinet waits for their first meeting with them.
    Thank God for Palin, she cannot be bought, that has been proven over and over again.

  • htales

    There is NO WAY Palin can stand up to Bachmann in a debate:

  • nanny

    Once again the MSM tried to show us how stupid Palin is and once again they were wrong, which to me showed how important her bus tour really was.

    She made this trip as a teaching moment to the country as well as herself and her children. Her goal was to bring America back to learning the History of our country and no doubt she has learned a few things too. I myself wasn’t taught that Paul Revere was captured by the British, thereby warning them they would not defeat the Army fighting for the freedom they had left England for.

    The MSM has spent three years bombarding Palin with name calling,picking on her family and generally trying to make her look like some kind of idiot country girl trying to become president. Now after two weeks, they say “enough is enough” about Anthony Weiner. Talk about your double standards, and charachter assisanation, I think this too is a teachable moment.

  • Rev Wright’s Other Disciple

    We intelligentsia hold high hopes for Mitt as a republican.

    When will people learn? Just look at Vegas which has been affected by climate change to the point where it is a virtual desert.

    Unfortunately, only the very well educated minds of our times can see that.