Coulter goes after Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews in ‘Demonic’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is mentioned on 11 pages of Coulter’s book, according to the index. At one point, Coulter attempts to argue that Matthews and the left more broadly are hypocritical. Stating that Matthews “fancies himself a hitherto unheralded hero of the civil rights movement” and a “scrupulous bean counter when it comes to the number of blacks at Tea Parties,” Coulter writes:

“Inasmuch as blacks vote overwhelmingly Democratic, you wouldn’t expect to see a lot of them at Tea Parties. Still, the Tea Parties are not as white as Chris Matthews’s staff. They’re not as white as a Jon Stewart audience. They are not as white as Janeane Garofalo’s fans.”

Furthering this line of attack against Matthews, Coulter writes that the “Hardball” host  “sends his own kids to white-as-snow private schools.” Given all this, she concludes, “Matthews may not be the best person to be hectoring Tea Partiers, ‘How dare you not have black people at your rallies.’”

Matthews, Olbermann and Moore did not return requests for comment by time of publication.

Political comedian Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” is also referenced on three pages of Coulter’s book, according to the index. Deriding how conservative commentary was blamed for the Tucson massacre, Coulter quips:

“According to voluminous Twitter postings the day of the shooting by Caitie Parker, one of [alleged Tucson shooter Jared] Loughner’s friends since high school, he was ‘left wing,’ ‘a political radical,’ ‘quite liberal,’ and ‘a pot head.’ If any public figure influenced this guy, my money’s on Bill Maher.”

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