Has Chris Matthews lost his mind?

When a network news anchor loses his mind, going so far as to call his own producer a “whore,” what is the first thing a company would likely do? Intervention, expulsion, even rehab?

Despite ever increasing indications that Chris Matthews has gone stark raving mad, MSNBC has not only kept him on the air but continues to promote the man who got that infamous “thrill going up [his] leg…seriously.”

While one could write a master’s thesis on the evolution of Matthews’ derangement, in the wake of the “Hardball” host’s attempt to pin blame on Anthony Weiner’s wife for playing a part in “Weinergate,” The Daily Caller felt it was high time to take a stroll down crazy lane.

“He goes a thousand miles an hour and just picks things out of thin air,” one former guest told TheDC, recalling how the show provided 10 issues they were going to discuss, only to have Matthews rarely reference any of the prepared topics.

“Every commercial break he would shout, ’What do you want to talk about! What do you want to talk about! What do you want to talk about!’” the guest added.

One young conservative female guest who appeared several times on Matthews’ show told TheDC that bizarre comments toward women were part of his off air banter as well.

“During one appearance, during the commercial break, Matthews informed me he loves it when women wear baby doll dresses,” she said. “It’s his favorite thing to see women wear.”

Matthews was not always the emotional liberal that America now sees each afternoon at 5:00 p.m. EST. Back during the Clinton era, he was centrist enough to guest host for Rush Limbaugh. Nearly two decades later Matthews hoped for the popular mid-day host’s death.

It was Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes, ironically enough, who gave Matthews his first television job in 1994 with “Politics with Chris Matthews” on America’s Talking Network. Seventeen years later Matthews derided Ailes as “pathetic.”

His emotional rants have become commonplace on “Hardball,” and made his show must-watch TV for the likes of Mediate, NewsBusters, Real Clear Politics and even The Daily Caller — all waiting with bated breath for Matthews to inevitably say something “insane.”

When asked by TheDC why he watches so religiously, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics video editor, did not mince words.

“‘Hardball’ is a reminder that I am sane,” said Schwartz. “Chris Matthews is more of a gaffe machine than Joe Biden and the ignorance of his sexism and bigotry makes the show entertaining to watch.”

“He’s a freak show” said another media reporter.

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And Matthews’ comments prove the media pair’s points, as the examples are myriad.

From suggesting the country should “put Exxon signs up over Arlington Cemetery” to calling Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell “showcase appointment[s],” and even speculating that America was “the bad guys” in the Iraq war, Matthews rarely fails to create a stir.

Frequent “Hardball” guest John Feehery, President of Quinn Gillespie Communications, told The Daily Caller that he really likes the unpredictability of “Hardball” and added that one of the reasons he finds Matthews’ show enjoyable is because he is such a knowledgeable host.