Obama to announce political director for 2012 reelection campaign

A new face will be joining President Obama’s reelection campaign.

CNN reports that Katherine Archuleta will be named the campaign’s political director on Thursday. Archuleta will be the first Latina to be a political director for a presidential campaign of this magnitude.

“It will help Obama to have someone who not only understands the community, but is from the community,” said Republican political strategist Bettina Inclán, a Latina. “Appointing this woman as his political director just cements the importance of connecting with the Hispanic community for his campaign and should serve as a wake up call to Republican campaigns about the pivotal role of Latino voters in this election.”

By appointing Archuleta, Obama can further his outreach efforts toward the Latino community, which supported him during his 2008 presidential campaign.

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Inclán said that Latinos are currently disappointed with Obama’s performance in office. He had previously said that he would pass immigration reform in his first year of office which he did not fulfill.

“Three years later it hasn’t been dealt with,” Inclán said. “He has broken his promise with the Hispanic community about passing immigration reform. There is concern that there has not been a bill passed.”

According to figures from the Pew Hispanic Center, 67 percent of Hispanic voters voted for Obama as opposed to 31 percent who voted for McCain. In order to keep Latino support, Obama must increase his outreach efforts to Latino voters.

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She added that Latino outreach is often an afterthought for major political campaigns. Both political parties, republicans in particular, wait until the end of their campaigns to draw Latino’s to their campaign.

Gaining the votes of the Latino community, particularly those who are from Central Florida, could make a difference in who wins the election.

“They’re taking a bigger and bigger chunk of the districts there,” Inclán said. “Targeting the Puerto Rican community can be key in him securing the election.”

For more information on Archuleta : Obama 2012 names political director

  • octavian61

    As a Hispanic (not “Latino”; I don’t speak Latin), I am VERY offended that this administrtion and his new political director feel that Hispanics always fall in line whenever needed. More or less saying that we follow the herd mentality and cannot make up our minds. Also can someone tell me why immigration reform affects ALL Hispanics? I came to this country legally (do you read me,liberals,LEGALLY!) and find it repulsive that someone who broke the law has more pull on our government than even those citizens who are here, decendants of many generations. The more that I look deeply at this state of affairs, the only explanation for this voracious contempt for this country from many in the left is the subersive tactics that are bearing fuit conducted by the former USSR. I really feel that Putin is in awe by the work done by his former leaders. There just cannot be any other explanation.

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  • independentvoter

    It will take MUCH MORE than hiring a LATINO to get Obama re-elected.. I HAVE a lot of Latino’s in my family.. and they will NOT vote for OBAMA.. fact is they are voting REPUBLICAN many for the first time in 2012..

  • RobR

    All this cat does is worry about his run for a job he already has, but simply refuses to do.

    Anyone that would actually still vote for Barack is a ____ing ____.

  • teapartypatriot

    Obviously, Archuleta’s selection was based solely on ethnicity. “YOU LIE!” hussein continues to pick people, just as he does everything else, for ALL THE WRONG REASONS.

  • http://twitter.com/CommieJuice CommieJuice

    Katherine Archuleta = all the Latins will vote for bHO
    Rahm Emanuel = all the Jews will vote for bHO
    Michelle Obama = all the Married Couples and Blacks will vote for bHO
    Kevin Jennings = all the Pervs, Child Molesters will vote for bHO
    Van Jones = all the Communist will vote for bHO
    Valerie Jared = all the Women will vote for bHO
    David Axelrod = all the Socialist will vote for bHO
    Elena Kagan/Janet Napolitano = all the Gays will for bHO

    This makes all the sense in the world because we are a country of groups and not individuals who can’t think for themselves, right? This liberal logic is easy and fun. Let’s do some more, shall we?

    • oc in nc

      Czar= all the Russians will vote for BHO

  • cobudho

    So wait. All that BHO needs to do is name a latin woman to a 17 month long political post and hispanics will be “energized”? Does everyone finally see that group politics is the dumbest thing in the world? Unless I’m mistaken, like the black “community”, the hispanic “community” is not a monolithic entity (or, maybe I’m wrong…), so they are probably interested in things that every American (if they are such) is interested in…jobs, taxes, good government, self-determination, etc. This is beyond insulting, but what should I expect?

  • rmiller1959

    Both parties do this, and it gets on my nerves – or maybe it’s the press. Just because Obama appoints a Latina to his campaign doesn’t mean all Hispanics across America are going to flock to him like sheep to a shepherd. That’s an insult to them. She’s also not automatically the spokesperson for all Hispanics, either. That’s an insult to them and her.

    The assumption that she either represents, understands or speaks for all Hispanics is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard, particularly since supposedly very smart people utter such inanities.

    • cobudho

      As I was typing my comment you must have posted yours. Sorry to sound repetitive! Good points!

      • oc in nc

        Great minds think alike. cobudho & rmiller1959