Matt Lewis

Sources: Rick Perry is running

Two separate and reliable sources in Texas tell me serious preparations are being made for Governor Rick Perry, 61, to seek the Republican nomination for president.

Dave Carney and Rob Johnson — the former top Perry aides who on Thursday left Newt Gingrich’s floundering campaign — are said to be heading to Texas soon to join in on preparations for the run. I am told this is now “ninety percent likely to occur.” Additionally, Perry allies have begun holding meetings in the state and have been instructed to
quietly reach out to contacts in early primary states.

The stars may have finally aligned for Perry, who, until recently, said he had no intentions of seeking the nomination. With no clear front runner emerging, and with Gingrich’s campaign dissolving, Perry could enter the field as a top-tier candidate, surrounded by the same team that helped him defeat Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison last year in the Texas gubernatorial primary. And because Texas leads the nation in job creation, the recent national economic numbers provide an instant rationale for his candidacy.

If Perry does indeed jump in the race, GOP primary voters will likely be reminded of how conservatives were outraged when he signed an executive order in 2007, making Texas the first state in the nation to mandate Human papilloma virus  (HPV) vaccinations for sixth-grade girls. They will be reminded that he endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008. And, of course, his controversial plans to create a Trans-Texas Corridor (which were finally dropped after a large public outcry) would come up. Perry would also have to find a way to extricate himself from his important duties as head of the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA).

But Perry would also be one of the most charismatic and likable candidates in the field. That — coupled with his executive experience (he is now the longest serving governor in the nation) — would make him an incredibly formidable candidate. As Rush Limbaugh recently said, if Perry gets in, “it’s a brand-new day, and it starts all over again.”

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  • Michael Kohlman

    RUN Rick RUN! Save us from Sarah who would be blackballed by GOP women in the General or Mitt who’s big time wobbly on Obamacare and Global Warming. On the later, at this point you’re either completely ignorant or completely corrupt if you buy into that nonsense. 38% of all new jobs in the country we’re created in Texas. ‘Nuff said. Pair him with Rubio and/or Bachman and it’s a can’t miss.

  • celador2

    if Perry can create a JOBS growth economy and get the unemployment numbers way down he can lead the US to the road of victory. Swing voters will want to give him a chance and not Obama another term.

  • BigAl70

    Ah, I see Matt’s article has brought the wingnuts out in force. Here’s a prediction for all of you hoping Perry will run. Once he gets out of Texas he gets crushed. His folksy populism my play well with certain segments of the Texas electorate, but it won’t translate into the rest of the country (outside of the deep South anyway). All it’ll take is for people to start taking a close look at his past statements, his lack of any real solutions other than cut taxes and keep government away from my guns, and the REAL trouble Texas’ economy is getting into after missing the worst of the recession (not to mention the state’s abysmal ranking in things like education, # of people without insurance, environmental violations etc) and he’ll soon be sitting at the bottom of the polls with 5% of the vote. Book it.

    It’s still President Obama’s election to lose….nominating Perry would just make it that much easier. (Sorry, for the wingnuts reading this: It’s still the Commie/Marxist/Fascist/Muslim/Socialist/Terrorist/America-hating/Kenyan’s election to lose.)

    • commonsensemajority

      Feb 2006 – Feb 2011:

      Texas: +546,900 jobs (+5.5%)
      California: -939,700 jobs (-6.3%)

      …. but then again, I guess jobs don’t matter to frothing socialist nut-jobs.

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      Big, your prediction leaves me unconvinced for several reasons. First, Bush’s folks populism got him elected and re-elected… and Perry has never lost an election in Texas, he’s got a solid team.

      Texas didn’t ‘skip’ the recession by accident, either. Texas has a much more limited govt intrusion into the economy than say, California, and the jobs growth reflects that.

      And jobs will be the issue, not education etc. Perry is the longest serving Governor in Texas history and I believe currently at the national level, too. Governors are the only executive office below President and the spring board from which we got Reagan, Bush 43, and most other presidents (senators and congressmen being relatively rare – like Bamby).

      They’ll hit him with the secession thing, maybe find something in his book to throw at him, his support for HPV and a few other things… and that he was once a Democrat, may all raise questions about him. But I’ll stack all that up against ROMNEYCARE, and no one else in the field has his track record. Neither Pawlenty nor Palin have as strong a record, though admittedly due to circumstantial differences.

      Just sayin, your ruling Perry out so conclusively when he’d be running against a president with unemployment over 9% is historically indefensible. It is always the incumbent president’s race to lose, but this isn’t 2008 and Obama is running against his own record as much as the candidate.

    • Sandy E

      Perry has “environmental violations”- Where can I vote for him tomorrow, I’ll be there. One of Perry’s strengths has been his advocacy for the least amount of regulations as possible. I could see him telling the EPA to stuff it, and don’t let the door hit ya on that out.

      It is important that everyone know that Perry has the Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc. after him big time, and their fight against Perry has largely been funded from a Democrat who is reputed to be the George Soros of Texas. In the past Perry signed legislation to cap medical malpractice lawsuits to $250,000 for pain and suffering, which is the low hanging fruit in those lawsuits. After that, doctors started flooding back to Texas. He recently signed legislation that “loser pays” in frivilious lawsuits, which cut the legs off the ambulance chasers. They will not be so eager to search out those that slip and fall, and then bankrupt the business with legal fees for those lawsuits. If they bring a lawsuit and lose, they don’t only earn nothing, they pay for the defendants legal fees “in full.” We desperately need these kinds of bills passing in Washington.


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  • pugszb

    I love a guy who has created a $25 billion deficit in his state, puts to death more people than any other state, is 47th in health care, 49th in education and wants to leave the union if he doesn’t get his way. Now that’s the kind of American I want to hand the nuclear codes to.
    We have had enough of Texas politicians. Good luck on this one.

    • commonsensemajority

      You sound like a rabid union socialist fanatic. Your frothing at the mouth so typifies the looney left. Keep it up.

      • pugszb

        It is very entertaining to see people use terms they don’t understand. As for “socialist”, lets see: do you like your library? Do you like the police and fire departments? Do you like the interstate highway system? Do you believe that seniors should just be put out on ice floes or do you prefer Medicare and Social security? Maybe you would rather foot the bill for your parents health needs when they are in need?

        All these are socialist concepts in practice in America. You may not want to use these services of which these are just a few, so you can be capitalist purists. Pure capitalism is a very cold and dark world.

        • commonsensemajority

          Two points:

          (1) The priority of government is to keep us safe. That includes things such as law and firefighting. Beyond the principles of limited enumerated powers (article 1, section 8), social justice redistribution has run wild, is out of control, and is dragging down our economy.

          (2) Economy 101:

          – you can kiss any new redistributive social justice pet projects goodbye if our economy does not grow. The key is to increase our GDP growth so that the GDP to debt ratio can be reduced over time.

          – getting people back to work will significantly reduce government expenditures such as unemployment benefits (extensions beyond the initial period covered by UI) and food stamps. More employed people increases revenues coming into the treasury. Again, this will significantly help with reducing the GDP to debt ratio.

          – job growth arises from sensible policies that encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses to invent and thrive. We need to get the government off their backs and let them do what they do best. Government and unions don’t invent things like the iPad.

          … so let’s prioritize fixing our economy first with common sense policies based on what has made this exceptional country so great. Pretty simples really.

          • commonsensemajority

            sorry, to be clear I meant increasing the GDP to debt ratio. Probably more commonly covered as the inverse, i.e. reducing the debt to GDP ratio.

        • The_anniebanannie

          wow, your knowledge of both socialism and capitalism would fit in a thimble.

          • commonsensemajority

            Thanks for your vacuous one liner. It’s fun to get you lefty idiots frothing at the mouth. :-)

          • Hallmonitor

            A lefty?’re an idiot. She was talking to “pugszb ”

            That’s what happens when you troll into every site on the web without knowing anybody. You look like a damn fool.

        • laphil

          “Pure capitalism is a very cold and dark world.”

          How would you know? We’ve never had it.

        • Sandy E

          The services you mentioned are a normal part of an “orderly society.” When the government starts taking my taxes, and gives them to their chosen political classes and cronies, it’s called redistribution of wealth, which is socialism, which ultimately leads to Communism. Telling me what I can eat or not, what vehicle I must drive or not, what light bulbs I can use or not, begins to position away from socialism and moves further in the direction of Communism.

    • laphil

      Are you describing Texas or California?

    • Sandy E

      It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the Liberals and the Paul Libertarians. In any case Perry must be over the target because he is under fire from both. His strengths scare the bejeepers out of them.

      RUN RICK RUN, and at the appropriate time, add Herman Cain to your ticket.

  • True_Texan888

    Really, you would vote for this clown:

    Rick Perry became a multi-millionaire while working as a public employee. There is something fundamentally wrong with that. The GOP is supposed to stand for making a living in the private sector. How can we nominate a guy who has never held down a private sector job AND did not vote for Ronald Reagan?

    • OldNavyChief

      Anyone would be better than what we have now.

      • valley64

        Please! That attitude is how we ended up with Obama! Do your research!

    • Sandy E

      True-Texan- You sound very jealous of Perry’s financial position. Jealousy is a very bad trait. You say he never held a job in the private sector. I guess he was participating in tiddly winx contests until 10 years ago. Ronald Reagan was a very strong Democrat, while in government, until the Democrat party left him, and he is the greatest president in my lifetime, and is the father of the “three legged conservative stool.” Those who quit smoking become some of the biggest critics of smokers and smoking.