Supporters make ‘idiot’s guide’ video proving Johnson’s worth to CNN

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      Jeff Winkler

      Jeff Winkler is a Daily Caller staff writer covering firearms, as well as campaign advertising and fringe culture topics. He worked previously for several Arkansas and New Zealand publications. His byline has appeared in Slate, Reason, Good magazine, the Guardian, Washington City Paper and most notably, Worm Digest.

Man, Gary Johnson’s supporters are dedicated, and unrelenting.

Less than a day after his campaign released its own video complaining about the former New Mexico governor’s exclusion from an upcoming debate, one of Johnson’s loyal supporters has fired off another video.

The five-minute-long video is presented like an instructional tape for Windows troubleshooting. However, it does clearly lay out exactly why Johnson should be included in the June 13 debate sponsored by the Manchester Union Leader and CNN.

The gist of the debate requirements hinge on candidates securing 2 percent in specifics polls or an average of select polls between April and May. Much like Ron Paul’s loyal following of libertarian-leaning folks, Johnson’s crowd is equally enthusiastic — as well as picky and meticulous when it comes to details and exuding a palpable sense of frustration when marginalized by the mainstream.

The video calls into question the polls used for deciding the 2 percent mark, as Johnson’s position fares better — one percent better — when pollsters didn’t excluded either “celebrities” like Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin.


The video is technical, long, and in the end, it could be awkward rabble-rousing for Johnson.

The 2012 candidate has already made his protest known and said he has no intention of attending the debate as it would be a “terribly uncomfortable” experience. That hasn’t stopped his supporters from making videos, or taking out full-page ads in the Union Leader.

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