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‘Wipe that disgusting grin off your face, Private Pyle!’

Here’s Andrew Breitbart yesterday morning, showing the cameraphone pic of Weiner’s wiener to Opie & Anthony, Jim Norton, and — seriously — Vincent D’Onofrio. There’s no actual profanity in this clip, so it’s about as clean as any discussion of a congressman’s self-shot penis pics can be:

It’s too bad D’Onofrio didn’t say, “That looks like about 150 millimeters of chewed bubble gum!”

So that photo was sent to “a gal down in Texas.” Was it Meagan Broussard, or is she not Weiner’s lone star in that state? (GET IT???) Just how many of these pictures are bobbing around out there?

Jim Norton had some more stuff to say about this important news, before he actually saw the pic:

“It’s not that I want to see male genitals, but I want to see his genitals. Why? Because he’s a congressman! And there’s something fun about seeing the genitals of a guy that has something to do with making the laws.” I can think of no better excuse. Well, besides the obvious.

I hope Rep. Weiner doesn’t resign, for the same reason I’d be angry if somebody stole my dartboard.

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow tells David Letterman that Weiner “screwing up his marriage, in itself, I think is more gossip than news.” Which must be why she spent a full week insisting he was framed.

UPDATE: Democrats ready for full-court press to push Weiner into resigning. There’s no way he’s going to quit. Then he’d have to change his Twitter account!

UPDATE: He’s not quitting. What, you think he’s going to give up his position of power just because he’s now been stripped of whatever power he had? You think he’ll throw in the wipe-up towel just because he’s humiliated himself and everyone who cares about him, and proven that he can never be trusted again? Do your worst. This guy used to get swirlied every single day.

UPDATE: Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Cyber Mistress Tipped Off Rachel Maddow To Sexting Scandal. Maddow ignored her. What was she supposed to do? Weiner’s not a Republican! Which warrants yet another look at my very favorite commercial of all time:

UPDATE: Did Weiner Lie to President Obama? And if he did, how does Obama like it?

UPDATE: Last night Greg Gutfeld asked O&A’s Anthony Cumia what happened with the pic. Cumia went with the Scorpion & Frog Defense. “Andrew really had nothing to do with this. He was kind of a victim in the whole thing.” But according to Cumia, Breitbart should’ve known he was going to get stung.

UPDATE: Hillary is piiiiiiiissed.