Matt Lewis

The Chamber beefs up its online team with blogger Hackbarth

Long-time conservative blogger and new media guru Sean Hackbarth is headed to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to blog for The Chamberpost.

“I was attracted to the Chamber because no other organization in Washington bears more influence on economic policy debates. From reg reform and trade to taxes, education, and energy policy,” said Hackbarth.

Hackbarth previously served as online communications adviser for the Senate Republican Conference (chaired by Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee) and as senior campaign manager for Craft Media. He also helped run the e-campaign for former presidential candidate Fred Thompson.

“I intend to leverage my experience, skills, and network to make the Chamber more prominent in the online conversation, said Hackbarth. “My hope is to establish Chamberpost as a popular destination for thoughtful commentary and information sharing on the key economic and political issues of the day.”

Hackbarth’s hiring comes on the heels of the Chamber’s hiring Nick Schaper — who was Speaker Boehner’s new media director. A top-notch House guy and a Senate guy are now on the Chamber’s team.

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  • 24AheadDotCom

    I’ll look forward to reading his posts on Chamberpot. In the meantime, those who want to learn some of the many things Hackbarth won’t tell you about the Chamber should start here:

    Maybe Matt Lewis can ask Hackbarth whether the Chamber or any of their officials collaborated w/ a foreign gov’t (do a find for “trucks” at the link). Or, maybe he could ask about the hundreds of thousands they took from a company that profits from illegal immig. (do a find for “salazar” at the link).

    Note that after Beck got his useful idiots to donate to them, Malkin correctly pointed out that donating to a group that promotes amnesty and that joins w/ far-left groups in suits against immig. enforcement isn’t a good idea.