Weiner doll now available for purchase

Where there are condoms, toys aren’t far behind.

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, whose scandal worsens each day, sparked the creation of Weiner Condoms last week as a result of his lewd Twitter picture posting, online exchanges with numerous women, and outright lie that he’d been “hacked.” By Wednesday, it seemed the shamed Congressman couldn’t sink any lower, but as revelations surfaced that he’d contacted a minor, rumors started that his wife is pregnant, and partially clothed photographs of him at the House Members Gym went viral on the Internet, #Weinergate ceased to normalize or die down.

With that, Herobuilders has launched the Weiner doll, a new action figure. The website, which has made several toys out of political officials, debuted the Weiner product on Saturday and offers two versions of the toy, the more expensive of which is an “adult only” item.

(Gym Rat: Weiner exercises photographic indiscretion at the gym too)

Emil Vicale, president of the company, told The Daily Caller that a reporter approached him when the Weiner story first broke and asked if the toy business would be making a doll after the Democratic politician.

“When this scandal first broke, one of the reporters, someone like you that does stories on this all the time…One of the first emails I got was, ‘When is Weiner doll coming out?'” Vicale told TheDC. “Then we held off for a day or two and then it just seemed like everyone was calling about it, so we went ahead and did it as soon as we could.”

The Weiner doll, which comes fully equipped with a crotch bulge, sports a white shirt and pair of shirts that bares the words “TWEET This.” The product, which Vicale and his team have been working on for a week and a half, is not meant for children.

“Obviously, nothing we do on our website is for kids because kids don’t have credit cards, so nothing is for kids,” Vicale told TheDC. “They’re political action figures, which…I don’t think kids understand what politics is yet.”