After running pizza chain, Cain says he can make foreign policy decisions

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Is running a pizza chain similar to being commander in chief of the armed forces?

Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza running for president, said he’s suited to make hard foreign policy decisions because he made tough calls as a businessman.

“When I first became president of Godfather’s Pizza, there was a very dangerous part of town in the black community where I wouldn’t allow my restaurants to deliver because we had kids beat, robbed,” he said in an interview outside a pizza joint here Sunday.

“And I said ‘if I won’t send my son over there, I’m not going to send someone else’s son or daughter over there.’ Last week in Omaha, Nebraska, that same neighborhood that I wouldn’t deliver in — that they are delivering in now — a Pizza Hut driver was killed.”

Continuing, he said: “When I get ready to make a decision relative to foreign policy I will make a decision based upon as if I’m sending my own kids, sons and daughters, into war. I’m not going to do that lightly.”

Cain has never held elective office, and in response to questions about his views on foreign policy, he has mostly given general answers, including saying he’s not going to take a position until he has all the information at his disposal that someone in the government would have.

(HERMAN CAIN: The private sector cannot lead a recovery unless government gets out of the way)

The Republican candidate for president — who was largely unknown outside of his talk radio audience and conservative circles — plans to travel to Israel in August, though he said that trip is not about bolstering his overseas credentials.

“Has absolutely nothing to do with that at all. I have just always wanted to experience the country of Israel and go to Jerusalem.”

Asked what he thinks about the country’s relationship with the United Nations, Cain said: “I want to give the UN a chance to work. But it does not work in the way it ought to be working right now.”

Should United States withdraw from the organization? “No, because I want to take a look at the situation,” he said. “I want to take a look at how it is structured. I know how it is structured generally speaking, but no, I’m not ready to just throw the baby out with the bath water yet.”

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  • empiresentry

    I appreciated that Cain addressed the issue that he is not in an enbedded position with access to all the information to make broad and general statements of what he would do. He did not blindly make assumptions with promises in order to get votes. He spoke truthfully.

    In comparison, our Leader in Chief made radical claims without basis or information only to garner votes. Later, he found out the reasons why his promises could not be met and had to follow the Bush plan for withdrawal, gitmo, etc.

    It is best practice to seek the best experts in business and government to advise you. This works well exept for Obama who chose to select ‘experts’ from collegiate sources and community organizers.

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  • guesswho

    Just love your headline…back in 2000 with all his pizza experience we should have elected Papa John as President.

    ps…can you 86 that photo of Cain? or is that the only one you have of him?

    • BigRmv

      Jesse Lee…is that YOU? Wut up dawg!?

  • mtiki

    If Cain could just open some Godfather Pizza restaurants in Afghanistan and get the Taliban hooked on pizza, like we Americans are, that would solve our middle-east foreign policy problems.

  • mtiki

    I waiting for Cain to make us an offer we can’t refuse.