What if Weiner had sexted a “bimbot”?

If a Tweet Falls in the Forest …: Hmm. You know those attractive women who want to friend you on Facebook? They may be fictitious “bimbots.” Which raises the question: What if Anthony Weiner had sent photos of his “cape and tights” to women who didn’t … exist? It would still be creepy–pathetic and pathological–but would we care? And if we wouldn’t care in that case, should we care all that much in the case at hand? … 

When it comes to resignation-worthy sins, I’m not all that impressed by Weiner’s “crime”–at least what’s come out–or even the coverup, with its unusual volume of lying.  But it was a particular kind of coverup, one that sought to protect Weiner with a bogus fight-back blame-Breitbart campaign that relied on the sort of partisan tribalism that’s infected too many voters and politicians (since, take your pick, the 2000 election, the Clinton bimbo coverup, the Bork hearings, the disputed McCloskey recount of 1984, or the Nixon administration).  It would be good if this unprincipled and thuggish style of politics came back to bite its practitioners, just as a deterrent.  … [via Instapundit and alert reader T]

  • Murgatroyd

    Or, instead of a bimbot, it could have been some 40-year-old guy who happened to be a Republican operative, or a Russian Federal Security Service operative, or a Mossad agent, or a Chinese agent, or an Iranian agent, or a Mafioso …

    The potential for blackmail is what’s worth worrying about. Would Weiner have been able to get a security clearance if the investigators had known about his little hobby?

    Now that Weiner’s vulnerability has been exposed, what do you want to bet that other politicians won’t get follow-me invitations from beautiful, flirtatious women who are something other than what they seem?

    • Mickey Kaus

      good point.

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  • primeny

    If his last name didn’t allow the MSM to get away with a bunch of Beavis & Butthead puns, this trivial scandal (a sex scandal without sex) wouldn’t have died last week.

  • Handle

    Or, instead of a bimbot, it could be some random 40-year-old white guy “Middle East Peace Activist” from Georgia like McMaster pretending to be “A Gay Girl In Damascus” and getting, for some strange reason, 15 more minutes of fame than the thousand nameless killed in the Syrian violence so far. The press eagerly and collectively jumped on that particular story before someone asked whether anyone had actually done any checking or research.