DNC video lambasts Republican candidates at New Hampshire debate

The Democratic National Committee’s “rapid response” team lived up to its name today, with a morning-after video of the Republican debate in New Hampshire.

And nothing makes Republican politicians look dumber than splicing together 30 seconds of footage from a two-hour debate, unless some of footage is taken completely out of context that is.

(No Mitt Romney feeding frenzy; Pawlenty refuses to attack)

“The Republicans met to talk about the most pressing issues facing our country …” begins the video. What follows is quick footage of Herman Cain saying “I do not believe in Sharia law in American courts.” Cain was trying to clarify his previous statements on Muslims and Sharia law. Cain doesn’t help himself by continuing with the fringe claim that Muslims may be trying to hijack entire states, either.


Next on the hit list is former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty who said, “I support a constitutional amendment to define marriage between a man and woman.” It’s a Republican primary so this answer shouldn’t be too surprising. But it comes after the accusation that the phrase “middle class” was never used. But it would seem Republicans don’t believe in class-ism the way Democrats do. Rick Santorum prefers the phrase “middle of America,” which he used three times. And the issue of lower-middle-class jobs did in fact come up a lot (“jobs” was uttered by the candidates about 40 times); odd, since there haven’t really been any in a few years.

Pawlenty got hit again with footage of him calling Sarah Palin a “remarkable leader.” Taken in context, however, — she was being compared to Geronimo Joe Biden — that’s not an incredible statement.

Mitt Romney got called out for saying he would repeal “ObamaCare,” though he was defending himself against Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who not only had an amazing performance but more surprisingly wasn’t featured in the video, despite being a favorite target of Democrats.

The cruelest — and least honest — swipe came at the expense of Newt Gingrich and his campaign of one.

“But at least one candidate had a vision of the future …” flashed on the screen before Gingrich appeared to be caught giving away the plot of James Bond’s Moonraker.

” … we would today probably have a permanent station on the moon, three or four permanent stations in space, a new generation of lift vehicles.”

What’s lost is the context of the sentence’s previous clause: “If you take all the money we’ve spent at NASA since we landed on the moon and you had applied that money for incentives to the private sector …”

The massive money black hole that is NASA has been well documented for years, while modern-day Howard Hughes are ready to rock and roll with commercial space flights have been grounded thanks to bureaucratic regulations and general lethargy.

Meanwhile, Gary Johnson was spared any ridicule as he was not even allowed at the debate.

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  • virginiagentleman

    DNC? (Must stand for, Do Not Care). Every possible DNC program, policy and idea has been tried. Nothing has worked. Only a favored few have prospered while America as a whole has sunk deeper into the morass of failed policies. The dollar is at an all time low, has lost much of its purchasing power, food, fuel, foreclosures increasing. To be honest, the RNC( Really, No Clue!) is almost as bad. Please, elect PEOPLE, not party! Were you even remotely impressed with last nights debate? Imagine that you are a soldier going into battle. Who would you trust with your life, your nations security? Did anyone inspire you in the debate? How about in the WH? Remember that we are in a fight for our nation’s survival, our very way of life. And yes, if you are a citizen, you are also a soldier in this fight regardless of party or politics.

  • JimBear

    I I though it was a good debate on the isuues and King did a good job moderating it. This White House is so pathetically thin skinned to offer a video like that the day after.

    I suggest the GOP slice together footage of Obama saying he will not rest before every major issue of his presidency then hitting the links while his policies cause misery and suffering.End it with give US a rest.
    This white house acts like Obama and Biden aren’t gaft machines. Run video of Obama saying AHHH or visiting 57 states. It’s all on you tube. This President wants to raise 1 billion for propaganda. He’s been a diasaster with record foreclosures, record of people on food stamps and producing crushing deficits.

    • Jess81

      My personal favorite was when he started a war and left for Brazil the next day to assure his amigos that our money would develop their oil for which we’d be their bestest customers.

      I’ll give Romney credit for his bump in the road commercial. We need this kind of thing produced weekly. The economy is the big issue, but the Obama outrages are legion and someone needs to make sure they are not forgotten.

      For example, when Obama was taking his victory laps over Osama, why didn’t someone, somewhere point out that Obama prosecuted 3 SEALS for supposedly punching a terrorist who beheaded 5 American contractors and hung their heads from a bridge? (And I did wish that one of the candidates would have mentioned that if there were the number of leaks after the Osama operation, someone would be prosecuted for releasing top secret information…) Someone needs to bring up the “Miranda” rights requirement for captured terrorists on the battlefield (are you kidding me?).

      And someone needs to do one on Obama’s total incompetency–like the Keystone Cops cleaning up the oil spill and shutting down US exploration.

      The commercials could be endless and they should start NOW.