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It was either that or ‘teabagger’

From the impartial, middle-of-the-road CNN, presented without further comment:

CNN headline: 'Wingnut debt ceiling demands'

P.S. The headline has now been changed from “Wingnut debt ceiling demands” to “Goofy debt ceiling demands,” with no indication of the change.

  • recovered dem

    Why is the obviously anti Republican CNN hosting the Republican debates? They sure did a piss-poor job of it last night!

    • ghost

      I think you’re on to something: they do such a horrible job so that they become the story and distract from the issues. And they turn the whole format into a joke so that the candidates really can’t address the issues in any depth.

      So for their purposes this was a moderate success. (a resounding success would have been had a candidate imploded–figuratively)

  • maltpointer

    Good thing you got the screenshot. Looks like they’ve now changed it to “Goofy Debt Ceiling Demands.”

    And here I thought Pluto was the one who got elected . . . I need to bone up on my Disney continuity.

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  • Mike Jonze

    And the legacy media continues its inexorable slide into irrelevancy.

  • Alaskan

    What? No Racecard?

  • d1carter


  • zelda

    And that, boys and girls, is what we call ‘objective.’