‘The View’ host Barbara Walters worries for Weiner’s future: ‘He’s never had another job’

“The View” host Barbara Walters has not kept it a secret that she has soon-to-be former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s side in his current controversy with some ill-advised photos he has sent out over the Internet.  However, she has moved on to wondering how he and his wife Huma Abedin will survive without Weiner’s congressional salary.

On Thursday’s “The View,” Walters speculated what might have happened if Weiner had stuck it out, but said it was finally coming to a conclusion with the announcement of his resignation.

“We don’t have any idea what she said,” Walters said. “But she did come home on Tuesday and he did consult with her Tuesday night. And had he stayed, there would have been investigations by the House Ethics Committee. The Democratic leaders had already been planning to strip him of whatever committee assignments he had and there would be questions. This puts a stop to it and at 2:00 today, he’s supposed to announce.”

But Walters seemed concerned with the announcement, as in where and if Weiner could find employment upon leaving Congress.

“You know, we can make fun of him but in a way it’s a tragedy,” Walters said. “[H]e’s never had another job. What does he do after this? … Many people have had a job before or they were lawyers.”

She ruled out him being a consultant and noted how thin his private sector experience was.

“Nobody is going to go to him to consult,” she continued. “He was [Sen.] Chuck Schumer’s consultant once, Chuck Schumer’s assistant and then I think he was a city councilman.”

And with a pregnant wife, Walters worried what lies ahead for the New York City Democrat.

“I mean, he’s got a whole life ahead and he has to worry also because we don’t know what Huma, who is three-months pregnant is going to do,” Walters added.

However, “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said this was of Weiner’s own making, even though it is a sad tale:

HASSELBECK: I just want to remind us because —
WALTERS: I don’t like to kick a guy when he’s down.
HASSELBECK: I didn’t put him there and he has to take care of what’s going on in his family and I think it is sad. But I don’t think we can forget that he started off lying as a public figure to the public.


  • JForbes

    What a lady? Does Barbara live under a rock? She is so worried about Weiner’s future but what about his lies? The whole escapade is his doing, his arrogance and “I am in charge and have the power” attitude is what brought him down. If he has not held a real job before this then he should be ready to eat some humble pie and he well deserves it. McDonalds is hiring, Pizza Hut and Dominos always need drivers. How many of us Americans have held jobs, real Americans jobs, NOW he has to too. I feel as sorry for his situation as I do for a pesky bug. At least the bug has no choice because it needs to survive, Weiner had a choice and chose to do the wrong thing. So how many other times and how nasty was his actions? He and all politicians need to be aware that they are our EMPLOYEES and Americans are tired of hiring Idiots ! ! ! So now he will have to work and if he gets into the public arena in my lifetime, I will make sure that his current actions are not forgotten. So Barbara Walter’s your worries show how stupid you too are and believe I hope people will stop watching your show so that you too will start eating humble pie.

  • cramos

    Honestly….how long can she continue making a fool of herself on air….she really has been looking alot like helen Thomas.

    Earth to Barbara…..in the REAL World the rest of us have to live by the mistakes we make and adjust accordingly.

  • John

    Yeah Barb, “You know, we can make fun of him…” because he’s a two bit clown who amuses us.

    Barb, you are so worried about two working couples in government who can’t make ends meet, what about the rest of the country?

    Barb you need to stop acting like his grandmother and start acting like some kind of reporter.

    Or maybe he can have your spot on the View, because your kinda senile and it doesn’t look like you have to have any prerequisites.

    This way, the illiterate Weiner, can stop telling us how to run our lives from Congress and start getting his life back in order.

    He may gain some life experience to qualify for something a little more entertaining, like internet porn.

  • libertyatstake

    Stupidity becomes more transparent with age. That’s why retirement is a laudable goal.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • SunnyJ

    If there was ever a reason for term limits this is it. Representation was never meant to be an occupation unto itself. It was suppose to be the citzenry electing one of their own and all coming together for common governance at limited levels and then going back to their communities. Weiner is not one of the citizens, as he has never participated or created anything productive within the community. No product, no service…ever. Term limits must be set, to stop these professional deer ticks from sucking the life out of this country.

    • Whit

      Sunny we have always had term limits, 2, 4 and 6 years and you think a law on a law will make a difference? The problem is not with the warm bodies holding these positions but the electorate that keeps them there. Is there anything we can do to change that?

    • designerrant

      I think there should be term limits for The View.

  • dallas yankee

    C’mon, Weenie will be allright, all he has to do is go on Obama’s welfare rolls and collect food stamps and he will make almost as much as he is making now. Thats after his employment checks run out, in about 3 years.

    • western_red

      Worse, he will have to make do with the $1 millon that any ex-congressman gets just for having been at the public hog trough for even a little while. Poor baby!

  • daveinok

    WHAT? Has the world gone insane? She is worried about poor Weiner? What about the MILLIONS who have lost their jobs due to that little democrat attack dog’s politics? There is no sanity left in this world! Weiner is only 46 – still an appropriate age for democrat men to live with their mothers. And, I’m sure Hillary will take care of Huma. Barbara – I really don’t see either one of them buying groceries with a food stamp card any time soon. But I really would like to.