Looking for the next ‘Macaca?’: George Allen has Media Matters-affiliated, other left-wing trackers on his tail

Former Sen. and Virginia Gov. George Allens’ 2012 campaign to return to the US Senate has attracted several “gotcha” left-wing media folks, who are likely looking for the next “Macaca” moment. Allen lost his 2006 Senate re-election bid after he pointed out Indian American S.R. Sidarth, who was tracking Allen’s campaign for Democrat Jim Webb, and called him “Macaca.”

“This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, Macaca, or whatever his name is,” Allen said at a campaign event in 2006, referring to Sidarth. “He’s with my opponent. He’s following us around everywhere. And it’s just great,” adding that Webb was getting financial support from a “bunch of Hollywood movie moguls.”

“Let’s give a welcome to Macaca, here,” Allen continued, referring to Sidarth again. “Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.”

Allen faced a torrent of criticism from the mainstream media after he made his remarks about Sidarth. Democrats attacked Allen too, accusing him of racism and discrimination.

Now as Allen seeks to regain his Senate seat, he’s got a whole new set of people videotaping him. Allen’s new press secretary Bill Riggs confirmed for The Daily Caller that American Bridge, an organization affiliated with Media Matters and the “brainchild” of liberal activist David Brock, and left-wing political consulting firm Terra Strategies have sent trackers after Allen. In addition to that, the Virginia Democratic Party has sent a tracker after him too. Riggs was confirming news first reported on conservative Virginia blog BearingDrift.com. (Unemployed woman trying to sell handwritten letter from Obama)

Terra Strategies helped with the presidential campaigns of Democrats John Edwards, Al Gore and John Kerry, in addition to several other left-wing campaigns and political efforts.

Shauna Daly, a former spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, founded American Bridge. She was a spokesperson for the DNC when Tim Kaine was the chairman. Kaine is the Democratic candidate that either Allen or one of his GOP primary opponents will face in the 2012 election.

This revelation doesn’t surprise Allen’s campaign, though.

“It’s not surprising that Chairman Kaine’s allies in Washington will do whatever they can to advance their liberal agenda,” Riggs said in an email to TheDC. “George Allen is focused on running a positive campaign talking with Virginians about ideas and solutions to jumpstart the economy, unleash our energy resources and rein in wasteful government spending.”

Political candidates and organizations send trackers to videotape their opponents as they speak publicly. It’s not an uncommon practice. What’s odd about this, though, is that two national political groups sent trackers into Virginia to go after Allen. What’s even more unusual is that it’s still early in the GOP primary campaign, so Allen might not even be the Republican nominee. He’s the frontrunner right now, but there are seven announced GOP candidates in the race.

Terra Strategies didn’t return TheDC’s requests for comment. Daly and American Bridge couldn’t be reached for comment.

  • fourleafclover

    Keep them busy spending their funds in Virginia. After the 2012 elections Democrats are going to be bankrupt in more than one way.

  • truthhasnoagenda

    I’d never heard of the term/name/whatever the heck Macaca is before in my life before this “incident” occured. And honestly I still can’t remember what the hell it is.

    • fourleafclover

      You might be thinking of the word caca which I think is Spanish for poop.

  • libertyatstake

    If the Left is looking for the next nonsense word moment, they are fighting the last war. PC is dead. Remember you read it here first.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • truebearing

    David Brooks, Terra Strategies, and the rest of the leftist malakas can send in their all of their macacas and whip up their usual caca, but things have changed and people aren’t going to fall for their crap so easily this election.

    OH-OH! I used an Greek term of contempt on David Brooks! I guess I’ll have to give up on my presidential ambitions.

  • welder

    It really doesn’t matter how they go after Allen, the Dem in the race is toast.
    Obama has triggered the national gag reflex to such an extent that most Dems are going to be dead meat in 2012.

    The tsunami that started in 2010 will continue.

    Sorry for your luck :)

  • HoosYoDaddy

    With all due respect to other conservative patriots, especially those from The Commonwealth, I have lived in Va. my entire life, know and was raised with an enduring love for our proud history and values, and I know George Allen..and he is the best candidate in the race.

    George Allen loves God, his family, his nation and state with all of his heart,as do I. As Governor, Mr. Allen ran the state better, and left the state far better off, than Kaine. George Allen, to his credit and by his own admission, for which he has apologized again recently, lost a bit focus on the national scene under the heat and glare of an unprecedented witch hunt and pathetic leftist persecution, that allowed one word to overshadow a lifetime of dedicated service, and notable, honorable accomplishments. Mr.Allenis a patriot, and was a far better Senator than Jim Webb is or Kaine would be, period.

    Most importantly, George Allen is the only candidate for Senate that can beat Kaine, return the conservative values and banner of the state to The Hill, and to help paint Va. and the nation red once again, while virtually assuring the defeat of the utterly failed socialist experiment and Obama in Nov. 12’! I’ll side with and parahrase a conservative icon and hero, William F.Buckley Jr., and vote for the candidate that shares virtually all of the vision and values that I was raised with and raise my family by, that can win. Keep your eye on the big picture, and prize as well, before we are our own worst enemies, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like Deleware and Arizona last fall, but with much more dire consequences!

  • jeroboam

    They don’t need any “next ‘Macaca’.” As soon as Allen is running for anything they’ll start in with the old Macaca. If that was enough to undo him last time, why would it be less effective next time? It hasn’t been unsaid in the meantime, has it?

  • Sandy E

    From what I’ve read here in VA, Allen actually has three liberal groups following him. How pathetic and desperate the liberals are, especially our former Governor, and now former DNC chair, Timmy Kaine. The only difference between the current DNC chair Debbie Downer, and Timmy Kaine is that DD is willing to be a thug and dishonest out in the open, whereas Timmy Kaine does his dirty work behind the scenes. The racist meme the liberals have been pushing has lost all steam, and actually has harmed and diluted those who are the real racists, which happen to be mostly those in the Democrat party. Former Democrat Gov Kaine left the state with a huge deficit, like all Democrat Governors do, and now he wants to go to Washington and leave the country with increasing deficits. He doesn’t have a chance.

  • krjohnson

    I don’t know about George Allen… he’s a typical Republican, I guess. Go along to get along type.

    I wouldn’t call him a RINO, necessarily, but he supported lots of Republican boondoggles we got into in the Bush era like No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, expansion of hate crimes laws, and lots of other completely unnecessary spending. He voted to increase the debt ceiling four times. He has been supportive of earmark spending, once even boasting “Every single earmark I’ve gotten, I’m proud of.” And he supports ethanol subsidies, tarrifs, etc.

    Better than Jim Webb or Tim Kaine? Probably, but not by much.

    If I were living in Virginia I’d look into voting for Jamie Radtke. She’s got a fantastic platform, she’s extremely articulate, and she understands economics (including monetary policy!). I’ll probably end up sending her a check or two before the campaign season is over.

    • retiredvirginian

      I do live in Virginia, and I will vote for Jamie Radtke in the primary. George Allen was an ok governor, but as a senator, he quickly became a Beltway politician and no longer has my support. You are right about Jamie’s platform, her ability to speak the truth and her understanding of economics. Because she speaks the truth, she does not consider how to spin her words to play to her audience – how refreshing to have a candidate who wants to represent me, not be a politician in spite of me.

      • virginiagentleman

        Same here, virginian! Now we must help her continue to build support.

        • Sandy E

          Here we go again with another Tea Party candidate with absolutely no experience at all whatsoever, even worse than Christine O’Donnell, unless you count her time working in George Allen’s office as a receptionist, who she is now running against. Her biggest claim to fame was gathering a bunch of Ron Paul supporters to her Tea Party event which featured Ron Paul as the speaker. Without Ron Paul, the event would have attracted a very few. So what you are saying is that we really really need to get behind Radtke, who can’t get out of the low single digits in polling, who can’t even get near George Allen’s fundraising numbers, and is running her campaign as the anti-Allen rather than talking about her skills, qualities, experience or achievements? She is running nothing more than a campaign against George Allen. She has nothing more to run on, she has no accomplishment’s. Get real guys, the VA citizens will not elect anyone who has nothing to run on, except being a Ron Paul supporter.

          • HoosYoDaddy

            Exactly..refer to my post above. A waste of time, energy and resources in a losing cause that can only lead to destructive infighting, a Senator named Kaine and a 2nd term for Barry…NO THANKS!

          • krjohnson

            You know, Sandy, I don’t see how you can compare Jamie Radtke to Christine O’Donnell (who was a perennial super-red candidate in a state much to blue for it’s own good). And I have no idea why you would compare her to Sharron Angle, who had legislative experience and was still a loser. Who’d you want, Sue Lowden, the news anchor? Danny Tarkanian, the real estate mogul? I don’t get it.

            And besides that, she has been involved in the conservative movement for over a decade. She worked in Washington for the US Foreign Relations committee, and not as a “receptionist,” she’s holds a Master of Public Policy degree from The College of William and Mary. She’s not some ignorant nobody. She’s taken rhetorical bullets, too, from the pro-Fed guys on her monetary policy position.

            And personally, I’d rather vote for a Republican with no record than the record George Allen has got. Let’s list ’em again: No Child Left Behind, Hate Crime Legislation, Ethanol Boondoggles, Medicare Part D, and four debt ceiling increases. Sorry, that guy deserved to lose. That’s not the kind of Republican I am.