DeMint has demands for 2012 contenders

The presidential primary endorsement of Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) will be a coveted one among the contenders for the GOP nomination. But it may not be so easy to get.

During his speech Friday at the Republican Leadership Conference, DeMint announced support for the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” Pledge, designed by several prominent conservative advocacy organizations. Signers of the pledge vow to oppose any attempt to raise the debt limit unless the agreement is paired with substantial spending cuts, spending caps, and a balanced budget amendment.

DeMint also announced that any candidate who wants his endorsement will have to sign the pledge. “I’m telling every presidential candidate: if your name isn’t on this list, don’t come see me.”

Support from DeMint will be key. South Carolina is an important primary state, and DeMint has become a nationally recognized leader in the conservative movement.

The Hill is calling the signing requirement a “litmus test” for conservative candidates.

The pledge could pose a problem for frontrunner Mitt Romney, who sidestepped a question on the debt ceiling at the first Republican primary debate, hosted by CNN Monday night. Asked whether he would raise it, Romney would only say, “I believe we will not raise the debt ceiling unless the president is finally, finally willing to be a leader on the issue the American people care about.”

  • Radsenior

    Demitted DeMint deserves dunking due to his dumb denouncements of democracy! One of the fiercest Liberals for the greedy corporations and bankers, he has held on to his skewed belief that lowering taxes will generate jobs. Tax reduction has never generated jobs anywhere in the world. South Carolina should cut him down to size, cap his bigoted mouth and balance revenue generation evenly across the board in America. He is a discredit to South Caroline, the Congress and America.

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  • K Michael ODonovan

    A Constitutional Amendment insuring a balanced budget during a time of war might be a very dangerous thing.

    • Mapache

      That would be easy to resolve….the Amendment could stipulate that the debt limit may be raised ONLY in the event of a DECLARED WAR by CONGRESS and only with Congressional Approva of 2/3rds of both House and Senate. If it is a real national emergency getting the approval should not be a problem.

  • libertyatstake

    “The Hill is calling the signing requirement a “litmus test” for conservative candidates.”

    ‘Tis the season for litmus tests. My conditions for raising the adminsitration’s credit limit is ‘Cut, Cap, Balance, and Grow.’ DeMint’s three conditions plus Barry must cave on raising taxes on anyone. If it’s not raised, just start paying debt interest out of bureau-weenie salaries.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • Mapache

      The only good Progressive is one OUT OF OFFICE

  • the dirtmover

    You can add “CAP AND TRADE” to top of the letterhead as well.
    That is a job killer. It will lead to higher energy prices as well.