Disagreement in administration over War Powers and Libya

Late Friday, the White House acknowledged that both Attorney General Eric Holder and the Pentagon’s top lawyer concluded that the conflict in Libya should be considered “hostilities,” in opposition to what the White House has claimed.

The National Journal reports that President Obama, his lawyer Robert Bauer, and State Department legal adviser Harold Koh don’t believe the term “hostilities,” as described in the War Powers Act, applies to U.S. action in Libya. Because troops are not in danger and the U.S. is acting in compliance with a United Nations resolution, the president felt there was no need to get permission from Congress for actions in Libya.

The White House also claims that the departments of Justice and Defense think the president’s interpretation of the War Powers Act is legitimate, meaning there’d be no need to get congressional approval.

(The non-war in Libya)

But according to the New York Times, Defense Department lawyer Jeh Johnson and Justice Department acting head of the Office of Legal Counsel Caroline Krass expressed their views that the U.S. intervention in Libya should be defined as “hostilities.”

Not surprisingly, Speaker of the House John Boehner agrees.

Boehner sent a letter to the president this week, informing him that without congressional approval, the mission in Libya would officially be in violation of the War Powers Act as of June 19. Boehner’s letter is the embodiment of rising frustration in the Republican Party with what they view as the president’s refusal to provide a “compelling” national security “rationale” for military actions against Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

  • virginiagentleman

    WE are witnesses to the collapse of both ridgidly idealoged parties. Since they have been the parties presiding over the demise of our beloved America, I’m gratified to be witness to the pain of their demise. In the name of party they have set us one against the other in order to hold power. Now is the time for all citizens to stand up and be Americans first! As for me, I’m going to take the time to piss on the graves of both parties before I finally rest in mine! We all may have different views as to what is best for America, but we will work it out without the interference of party and the leeches who preach the party first propaganda! America First, NEVER party!

  • kingfish


    “· With no authorization from Congress Obama, Hillary, Sarkozy, NATO,, et al are doing their best to murder Gadhafi. Like Iraq, Libya was trying to throw off Illuminati Control refusing use of the Dollar and attempting to organize the African Continent behind a Gold Backed Dinar to be common to many African Nations.

    So a ‘Rebel Group’ suddenly pops up, backed by the CIA, and what is the very first thing they do? They form a new ‘Libyan CENTRAL Bank’ even before cleaning their guns in keeping with the instructions of their masters. Gadhafi’s NATIONAL Bank was not part of the BIS Fiat chain of Central Banks which rule the western world via ‘Debt as Money From Thin Air’ soooo ‘Gadhafi must die’ along with anyone else any where else who opposes the Empire, The Corporation, The Octopus, The Illuminati, Obama, the Fiat Monetary Powers, not to mention that his NATIONAL Bank held 144 tons of Gold and Libya’s ‘Sovereign Wealth Fund’ is among the biggest in the world.

    Gadhafi was spending big money, Libyan Money, to help other African Countries and funded ‘The Great Man Made River Project’ to benefit his part of the world. Again and again the U.S. and its Illuminati Partners move to ‘take down’ anyone anywhere who dares to defy its Satanic Ponzi Financial Control of the world. But oops, Gadhafi has not ‘rolled over’ or hidden in a hole so Obama/Sarkozy/NATO et al have not completed their latest heist, conquest, murder in order to obtain the funds, oil, gold, necessary to the continuation of their status quo.

  • kingfish

    I read today that the USS George H.W. Bush is headed for Libya with ground troops…makes me SICK to think there’s a ship named after this blatant criminal, just like the CIA building is. Besides that, there is SECRET bombing going on in Syria. Looks like the globalists are intent on WWIII going on to attack Saudi Arabia and Iran (for Israel). So we’re going to expend MORE money and MORE lives for the zionist globalists (Rockefeller/Rothschild/Bush/Clinton/Obama/Soros cabal) and AIPAC.


    Israel’s dual citizens are at the very TOP levels of every agency in the US government (presidential advisors, state department, ambassadors, Pentagon, Defense Board) and they are loyal to Israel, NOT the U.S. Funny thing is that a large number of Israeli citizens (especially the Russian non-zionist Jews) are leaving Israel and returning to Russia. Many others are getting second passports. They obviously think war is inevitable.


    • spike1120

      That is what I call a serious rant.
      Aside from finding a nice cave in the Stans to live out your life let me tell you now that the only ship that will bare obammy’s name will be a garbage scow.

  • GeniousIQ

    What Obama is doing is illegal, period. Congress is not doing it’s job by not moving with impeachment. It’s insane that people on the right are too busy calling him a socialist to realize that real crimes are being committed.

    • virginiagentleman

      GIQ and LOUDOG, Damn right! Congress has no balls and a big yellow stripe down their collective backs! Both of you know well that I’m a dyed in the wool conservetive and we’ve butted heads on many occasions! But lads, when you are right, you are right! You gotta know I’ve got your backs when you are right and this is one of those times. We most often don’t have the same political view, but for darn sure, we do on this issue!

    • trockinp

      GIQ, obama being a socialist has nothing to do with this illegal action. His comments are just another indication of the mans arrogance. The law means nothing to him. But back on the subject, the worst part of this illegal action is that he puts US Command & Control under the control of the UN, which is one of the most useless organizations on the face of the earth. The US House doesn’t have enough members who possess the guts to even suggest impeachment. This is not the first act by this man that deserves consideration of impeachment. What is needed more than anything in this country is to have politicians who value honor above personal gain, occupy their positions in order to serve their constituents, and adhere to the US Constitution. “Honorable politicians”, the ultimate oxymoron.

  • loudog

    I bet the families of dead Libyans would describe it as hostilities.

    “U.S. House votes to defund war in Libya”