Michele Bachmann ‘glittered’ by gay-rights activist

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann joins fellow conservatives Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty in being attacked with glitter by gay rights activists.

According to the Star Tribune, the Minnesota congresswoman was “glittered” Saturday after delivering a speech at the RightOnline Conference. The publication reports that Minneapolis gay-rights activist Rachel E.B. Lang came up to Bachmann and twice chucked glitter at her. (Major Garrett critical of 2012 Bachmann bid because ’she can’t keep anybody on her staff’)

Bachmann continued walking even as Lang yelled, “You can run, but you can’t hide.” Lang was quickly removed by security.

“My response to Michele Bachmann’s hateful and anti-gay rhetoric was light-hearted, but these issues are very serious,” Lang said in a statement. “Bachmann’s support of groups like ‘You Can Run But You Cannot Hide’ show exactly how extremist she is — she in no way represents the values of Minnesota and certainly does not represent the values of America.”

During former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s book signing in San Francisco last week, two females threw pink glitter and feathers on him.

Last month, a protester dumped glitter onto Gingrich and his wife Callista during the former House speaker’s book signing.

  • frankr59992

    I love the “civility” of the leftists in this country. They preach tolerance and free speech and everyone should do their own thing, but then shout over people and throw things at them when they don’t agree with their views…this is why people are about at their breaking point with the left.

  • bigsigh

    It is not up to the government to decide who should be able to marry. Gays should be fighting to end marriage licenses. They are only in effect to prohibit certain marriages (say…..interracial), they are NOT a right. In the free country I would like to live in, I don’t have to ask my government to marry anyone. My marriage is between me, the person I choose to commit to and if applicable my minister, preacher, priest, etc. Why on earth would any group be fighting for a license meant to prohibit marriage. It looks to me like Americans don’t even remember what it is like to be free.

    • ScentSybil

      Because it is not natural! It is a crime against nature to be in relations with the same sex. People are so confused about what is right, what is wrong and what is moral. Look at nature, IF we were designed to be with the same sex, how come you can’t procreate with that person of the same sex? How come animals in nature don’t choose mates that are the same sex… because it is un-natural, morally wrong, UNHEALTHY and simply un-acceptable behavior. It is the spirit of confusion and perversion working hand in hand against a God Fearing moral society. I have a huge mercy heart for people who have sexual dis-orientation and would love to help them see what causes them to act outside of our design. Marriage is ordained by God and is defined a MAN & WOMAN, and should remain protected. It is the way WE THE PEOPLE have established and created this country, on the Morals of God. The Law should be respected and upheld. (which is a big joke under this current regime) IF one should choose to live contrary to creation, you should choose a different way to do it, and leave “MARRIAGE” alone ~ because that is ordained by God and those who live this way are not respecting God, and have no place in Gods Kingdom. (not my words but Gods, let us not forget Sodom & Gomorrah ) If you choose to dis-honor God, why would you want to force a MAN of God to do something he/she has been so BLATANTLY instructed NOT TO DO! So why do you want to be a part of something that you don’t even respect in the first place? Marriage is about GOD! Being sexually promiscuous with someone of the same sex is NOT of God, but intrusive and dis-respectful to those whom Follow God. Live your way, and create your own terms for “partnerships” but leave “Marriage” alone! There are WAY too many other issues that people need to be focused on!

      • Kevin994

        No. Marriage is about love. Being married under an archaic and made up story about god is just not really the issue any more. I truly and honestly do not mean to be disrespectful or demeaning to your beliefs, it is your right to believe whatever, but to point fingers and call something unnatural when their NATURAL feelings towards the same sex is something of love and sex, then let it be. I am so uncomfortably angered (not by you specifically) by religious people who think that it’s their way or the highway. This whole god business is just mixed up with marriage because it is what people are “used to” for years and years. People have gotten smarter and know that to love and live the way you want to is just the way it’s gotta be. Don’t ever think that marriage is a thing with a god. But maybe that’s just my view.

      • Lou

        Then don’t marry someone of the same sex. You are also free not to do many, many things you don’t agree with.

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  • Hallmonitor

    Y’all wonder why she wasn’t arrested?

    This woman is an attorney at National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter. She represented some of the anarchists arrested in the 2008 raids before the GOP Convention in a civil suit.


  • mcgirv

    Tase the glitter throwers!