Things aren’t so bad for Anthony Weiner

Former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who resigned from Congress Thursday after more than a week of evading and lying to reporters about whether or not he had indeed sent lewd photographs of himself to a number of women via Twitter, took off for the Hamptons with his wife, Huma Abedin, to try to piece their marriage back together.

Weiner had little choice but to resign, after calls for him to step down came from high-ranking members of his own party, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Steve Israel. Even President Obama, in an interview with NBC’s Today show, said he’d resign if he were Weiner. (Pornographic magazine publisher offers Weiner a job)

The congressman left for the Hamptons with his wife following his resignation, hoping to repair the marriage, which is less than a year old. Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that Abedin may not even want to fix the marriage. The paper says Abedin, three months pregnant with Weiner’s child, feels trapped in the marriage.

“He could be having sex live on TV for the whole world to watch and she’d still feel like she’d have to stay with him for now,” a source close to the couple told the Post.

But it isn’t all bad for Weiner. The New York Daily News reports that, for a small fee, Weiner can retain his membership at the House of Representatives’ gym, where he posed shirtless and wearing only a towel for a series of pictures.

Also, the National Taxpayers Union has calculated that the disgraced former congressman is eligible for a $46,224 annual pension.

  • Joe Astroturf

    Now that the boys in Jeremiah’s “Down Low Club” have seen Weiner in drag their inviting him like a few other important members who haven’t been around latley. Do a google search before they change it and find out who’s been members. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. No wonder they know what teabaggers are in the White House.

    Check out song called “teapartiers I can’t hear you” on youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 234 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

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  • robjh1

    Weiner should take the job offered by Larry Flynt. He should feel right at home.

  • williamousa

    My thoughts exactly!!

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  • hughglass

    Back in the day, when the scandal sheets were blasting Huma as Hillary’s lover, there were also suggestions that weiner was a switch hitter. Just look at his pics.. looks like an add for a hot bottom, not a guy on the make with chicks. Players sell understanding, warmth, sensitivity, yada yada yada, not their package..I suspected at the time of the wedding that this unholy alliance was merely designed to give them both cover..Why would an alledged intelligent, well educated sophisticated (spare me the breathtakingly beautiful, she’s ugly) woman marry a course, uncouth NYC slob from Plattsburgh U, with no professional skills? Hello? The recent explosion of his immature assaults on these women, with no prospect of consummation, has got me thinking. Wonder if the bum didn’t get caught hustling some young boy on the net…(Would this surprise you?)
    One way to kill that story would be to pose as a flaming, obnoxious, heterosexual. Just asking.

  • GeniousIQ

    So it’s OK for members of congress to get lifetime pensions/health insurance but it’s not ok for union members to get the same. Got it.